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Cayla_WereGOLD Member
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Location: New Zealand

We went to the circus the other day and they were spinning these ropes with bowls on the end. they were about 2 metres long, i think. It was really impressive nd we completely want to learn this. they could kick the rope up into the air.
Does anyone know what this is?

richiiStick spinner
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Location: Brighton, England

did the ropes have bowls on both ends because if so these sounds like meteors. if they only had a bowl on one end they sound like a Rope Dart.

Sister ElevenGOLD Member
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Almost certainly meteors. The move you describe isn't really one you can do with Rope Dart, and I've never heard of bowls being used with Rope Dart.


EytanBRONZE Member
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Location: USA

Yup, sounds like a meteor hammer, and using bowls on the end is a traditional training/performance modification. Wikipedia has some good info:

Here's what a kick looks like with a rope dart:

If it was actually a meteor hammer then I imagine you could release and kick the whole thing into the air, a variation on how sometimes people will just throw it the entire toy into the air (which always reminds me of somebody throwing pizza dough).

Gary_CifersSILVER Member
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Yea those are meteors you can see that exact move in Cirque's Vareki here

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uii ,really interesting .. smile