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CyricxCyricxGOLD Member
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Location: Kansas City, MO, USA

Right now I do nunchucks and have been for a long time, this last year I've started doing them on fire.

That kinda lead me to the 3 piece staff also called a sanjiegun.

Does anyone else do moves with this?

Right now, I can do wrist rolls, figure 8s with one hand, and the btb rotor as well as the over the head one where you pass it back to your opposing hand etc.

Got another spin that's kinda like the poi 3 beat weave too.

Anyway, wondering if there are others out there?

I'm also doing chuck passes with it etc! smile

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RellizateRellizateGOLD Member
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Ermm you mean 3 piece staff or 3 sectioned staff?

Fire_MooseFire_MooseSILVER Member
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sectioned. ive played around with one a bit, got figure 8s and rotors, horizontal rotors. Dangerous device it is.


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CyricxCyricxGOLD Member
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Location: Kansas City, MO, USA

There is definately a learning curve to it smile

It'll certainly be one of those tools that have to meet my 3 month rule before I'll light it smile

I like that I can do alot of wraps and passes like I do with chucks with it.

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robnunchucksrobnunchucksBRONZE Member
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Location: manchester uk

yer i've got one to one thing i found helps loads was to get a 3 sectioned nunchuck

nunchaku-seku-con (i think its called)

help me loads because its easer to move your nunchuck moves over to the 3 sectioned nunchuck then learn them with the 3 sectioned staff smile

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hello i can use the 3 sectioned staff but i always play with a normal fire staff now i want to use the sanjiegun with fire any advice well i have one thats is made of wood but i dont know if is gud idea to put fire on it
thx have a nice day
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MuckyMuckySILVER Member
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Personally, I think doing 3-part staff on fire is a little corny... Some of the performances I've seen with it have so much energy it'd be inappropriate to distract from the performer with fire. Then again, maybe I'm just old fashioned that way! smile Still, now I want to dig mine out and play with it!

Robnunchucks, you're thinking of "san-setsu-kon," which is basically the Japanese equivalent of san-jie-gun - each mean "three section staff". A simpler term for the tool you're thinking of (the shorter variety, yes?) is sanchaku - nunchaku is the Okinawan word for "two section staff".

Guiermo, if you have a wood staff it could work, depending on what kind of wood, and whether it's treated and/or painted. If it's chemically-treated wood, don't use it; the fire will make all the gunk in it seep out and it's really gross and possibly hazardous - I've seen it happen on a curtain rod we were using for testing. If it's only painted, you can sand it off and it'll be fine. If it's another material like rattan, I suggest getting another sample of it so you can test it before you construct a prop with it; most rattan martial arts tools are treated and probably won't be suitable for use with fire.

If you want extra protection, you can wrap any wicked section with aluminum foil tape - it's inexpensive and quite useful to have on hand! Again, if the wood is treated, the heat will cause the stuff to seep out and the foil tape won't stick. Apart from that, decide where you want the wicks and attach them as you would an ordinary staff.

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FlameFlameSILVER Member
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Location: VIC, MELB, Australia

I used to have a practice one of these - and yes a bit easy to smack yourself out - Thank goodness it was padded smile

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ExuroExuroThe Prodigy
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Someone in my Fire Troupe has one.
I won't light it on fire though.
He has, but he's got a bit of martial arts experience with it.

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RellizateRellizateGOLD Member
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I have had a home-made one for a few years. Never really spun it much as it feels really out of control and dangerous to me...

MalcolmMalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Location: New Zealand

I remember [Old link] using a three section staff. He's really helpful so maybe you could also talk to him about it?

I had a go with one and wow was I scared no , but I suppose it's just a matter of practice and knowing what you're doing.

And it looks great when someone knows what they are doing.

All the best


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Bender_the_OffenderBender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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I'm pretty sure there's an olllllld thread on this topic that covers most questions....

here are my babies..

Non-Https Image Link

.. it's a very chinese weapon - took me several years to polish enough wushu style movements to develop a flowing routine.

Knowing what i know now, if I make another set i'd make em alot lighter. The walnut wood ones i use simply won't move fast enough without risking concussion!
The other issue is flame size. Because of my staff background, I hate having less than the equivalent of 6" of wick on any firetoy, which incredibly skews the handling of the end sections. If grace and form are important to you, then this is a significant disadvantage - If machismo is what you're after then it's no big deal.

And for the sake of the Mighty Kligon empire please shell out the $AU40 it takes to buy a foam practice set. You will hit yourself from unexpected directions alot and even more when you are starting out. $AU40 is a small downpayment on the reduction of injury.

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ZekajunguyZekajunguySILVER Member
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Location: new orleans, USA

Im ok,,, hope this will give you a few ideas... i recommend getting use to 1 section.. getting use to stalls

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