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OK, here's the situation:

in about four days I will be beginning rehearsals for a physical theatre show in Australia. The show *was* going to incorporate a quad bike but that's fallen through at the last moment, so now we have to get very creative, very quickly.

I have done quite a lot of stilt walking and am thinking about ways to create a fast-moving 4-legged stilt creature. Similar to the "kennelpigs", if anyone has ever seen the New Zealand fantasy street show "Urban Safari"; basically a quadrupedal stilt creature that can charge fast enough to look dangerous.

As far as I can tell, I will need short leg stilts with sharply angled foot platforms (so I'll kind of be running on my toes) and normal arm extensions, cut down to size. And lots of body pads ...

I need any help or advice on this ASAP!!!


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I do four point stilt walking, occaisionally, and from experience the whole thing can be a real pain, unlike two point stilts in particular powerisers, with which you can move at speed, four point does'nt really lend itself to 'charging'.

Anyways, two to three foot peg stilts, and for arm struts I find modified (extended) walking crutches work really well, gives a fairly good angle.


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Check out this vid of the kennelpig stilt creatures in action -

kennelpig charging

I reckon they've built the stilt extension so it projects almost straight forward from the toes, so the performers are "on point" like ballet dancers.

What do you think (anyone, I'm desperate!)

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Hi Springheel...
hmmm.looking at that vid it looks like the thigh, knee and shin is fixed rather than them being n point. If you look at their hind legs as they run the knee doesnt articulate and they dont seem to be that high off the ground too be on point. I saw some guys at woodford do it with short leg stilts and quite long arms so that they could do the 4 legged slow walk, and when they came to charge they would lean forward with the arms and almost leap through the gap, lean forward with the arm and leap through etc... kinda like the Landstriders ( from the Dark dig?

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I dig, and that's what I've done when I've done any sort of fast forward movement on normal "all fours" stilts. The weird thing about the kennelpig movement is that they aren't doing the Landstrider-style swing-through, they're running like a human on all fours ... but they're on short stilts.

If you try running on all fours flat-footed (i.e., as you would be wearing regular stilts), you find it doesn't work - you have to lift up onto the balls of your feet to get any speed. That's why I reckon they're using some sort of extension down from the ball of the foot, though I don't know how it works.

BTW I discovered that the kennelpig creatures were designed by some of the guys who worked at the WETA workshop (Lord of the Rings etc.).

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By the way, the original problem has now been solved as we found another quad bike ... still happy to try to figure out this stilt puzzle, though !

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Maybe some sort of articulated stilt, anyway ... AFAIK Powerisers hadn't been invented when these suits were put together.

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I am a stilts walker too, but 4 legged stilts seems very hard to make, I knew a company who make stilts walkers costumes, maybe they can help you. you may visit their website to check if you can find what you want. .

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