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Posted: by EmmCeeeFF
Last Reply: by EmmCeeeFF
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"I have jsut ordered myself a diabolo to see me through the winter months when staffing becomes a little harder keep motivation up.Either way, I haven't picked up a diabolo in many moons..."
Posted: by Original Pyro
Last Reply: by KyleG4u
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"Hows bout this one for extreme nuts. Knife blades attached to the ends of two wick fire chains. How about doing that to devilsticks and fire staves too. Plus sharpened juggling knives w..."
Posted: by fireboy
Last Reply: by KyleG4u
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"as much as like fire whips and seen them performed before i must advise everyone but these things a F-!-C-K-I-N-G DANGEROUS.sure you can pull in a crowd with these but they have a tende..."
Posted: by qwertycoder
Last Reply: by qwertycoder
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"my progress with clubs and staffs "
Posted: by Vixen
Last Reply: by Kerosene_Falcon
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"Ive got one in my room which has been making a rather attractive ornament for the last few months... until my nephew got his hands on it and messed it all up... can anyone do them? Ive ..."
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by TABjuggler
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"A little while back I got the idea to make a prop which would be similar to the 'S' curved staff but work more like poi. During MCP's stay with me in Philly, she got a little footage o..."
Posted: by Knoxious
Last Reply: by TABjuggler
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"Ok... I'm broching the un-brochable...modelling balloons...yes my secret is out! I make balloon models and I love it! hah! there it has been said...So who else on HoP does it? Mech, Bov..."
Posted: by SpinS
Last Reply: by Warior Drake
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"Ive been a member for a while but never checked out or posted on the forums before! soo First post!(Below does not include even half of the REQUIRED safety precautions to fire breathing..."
Posted: by natasqi
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"My Partner bought be a contact ball and it has lived in a thick sock because I've been afraid of it getting damaged during transportation.Recently I went in a quiz night and our winning..."
Posted: by Rem
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"If you are interesting in fire fans technique, movies and history, please be welcome on the first web site about fire fans: Here you can find and discuss many inter..."
Posted: by eatsleepkayak
Last Reply: by Rem
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"I just made a set of some fans just to play around with to see the different things i could do with fire.i've found a few videos with some basic moves like the weave and spins but nothi..."
Posted: by Flint_413
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Okay I really wanna get these but can't afford both. Which should i get and WHY???"
Posted: by Ringshadow
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"Plus one cheapo LED poi ball equals ghetto rope dart!Fun times. I have no idea what I'm doing but I've spent the last two days whipping the thing around me in the front yard. So far abo..."
Posted: by Lye
Last Reply: by Lye
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"Where are they? There's so much to these, but I don't see anyone teaching them at all.If anyone could do some it'd be most awesome."
Posted: by Warior Drake
Last Reply: by EpitomeOfNovice
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"Hey all. I've decided to get into my own gear design, not for profit or sale or anything, just like so many of you I want to make my own stuff. I've never been much of a hardware type..."
Posted: by Arna-J DNA
Last Reply: by natasqi
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"Hi there, I am currently looking at purchasing my first set of Fire Fans and Body Burning Sticks. I am not too sure what I am looking for in terms of quality etc .. I have been trying t..."
Posted: by CozmkForestChild
Last Reply: by natasqi
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"Hey everyone! I saw an amazing glow toy this summer at the Project Earth (presented by Wookiefoot) festival in Minnesota. This festival is amazing, very inspiring and some of the best v..."
Posted: by TechSpec
Last Reply: by eca
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"I was wondering before I went and actually created one or even started creating a chain of video's (( I am working on tutorial video's for some poi concepts this weekend)) for introduci..."
Posted: by Charlie Fox
Last Reply: by hexacoto
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"Yes, thats right all, the time is here and long overdue.I have been trying to upload a video for the release, but my internet is still a bit buggy after the big shake the other day.Stay..."
Posted: by canefreestyle
Last Reply: by Warior Drake
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"Does anyone have any tips on finding baton twirlers or nunchaku users in the Austin Texas area.Google does not seem to be my friend (and it doesn't seem like these two groups have clubs..."
Posted: by tracerammo
Last Reply: by tracerammo
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"Fire orbs... they're badass, for sure, but real' simple. I've been messin' around with the handles... instead of loops, juggling pin handles. If you hold both handles in your hands, i..."
Posted: by Someguitarist
Last Reply: by Trevor_Twyford
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"I've recently got a Diabolo, and been playing a lot with it. I can do almost everything in the Basic category with the exception of the speed-up wrap. It makes sense, and I've looked ..."
Posted: by Charlie Fox
Last Reply: by Charlie Fox
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"Hi All, I'm a bit quiet on these forums, but in short, my names Charlie, and i design and build fire toys, the one i make for HoP is the folding fire fan HERE.I have decided to start my..."
Posted: by telic
Last Reply: by kaoswolf4
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"I just ordered a fire flogger from Bearclaw, and I'm seeking advice. I know how to wield a flogger, and I know how to wield poi, so I'm not completely new to hitting people with stuff o..."
Posted: by KaMieLioN
Last Reply: by Leslie_Helton
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"I'm not sure where I should look for videos of people using the Phoenix Wings. Sadly, they're as long as the entire length of my arm so I'm actually limited as to what I can do with th..."
Posted: by artnonstop
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" "
Posted: by thor
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"ok, i got the bright idea in my head to make some nunchucks last night, so hope these sites can help some people who might want to start also. linkand link if anybody has any other site..."
Posted: by Midkiff
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"has anyone ever tried to do a hyperloop with a rope dart? i think i am gonna begin the process of doing it or realize its not possible one will happen"
Posted: by Flint_413
Last Reply: by Flint_413
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"Has anyone made these before? I'd like to make some but I would like a little guidance if anyone knows how. I'm sure I could just get some wire for the frame and wrap it in kevlar but I..."
Posted: by EpitomeOfNovice
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"I have enjoyed how many moves and dance opportunities my Flowpoi Trios have opened up when switching to the torch/club grip I was wondering if Torch Poi is the next step and how well th..."
Posted: by qwertycoder
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"canes are amazing props just waiting to be explored. "
Posted: by Chloe'
Last Reply: by CJdark
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"So I'm interested in buying a hoop. It'll be my first so I'm looking for something on the cheaper side. Was just wondering if anyone has ordered from Tailspin and if their hoops are of ..."
Posted: by Ploetzi
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Hello,for a show i would like to write letters onto a wall,...I thought about regular Kevlar, but i can not be as creative with that, compared with a paste or something similar. Has any..."
Posted: by Sister Eleven
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"So I've been playing around with rope dart lately, and when I was watching a video of buugeng my brain decided there must be some hybrid of the two. That's when the kusarigama popped to..."
Posted: by Lara Jacobs
Last Reply: by Lukas_Bliss
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Posted: by alex_atwood
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"I figure some of the jugglers here like I enjoy DIY and being creative. Recently I have been sewing my own juggling bags(I also make most of my nunchaku that I freestlye with.) Anyway..."
Posted: by Masked52
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"I swear to God there was an HoP Aerialists thread, but after spending an hour looking for it with no luck, I've decided I had to be imagining things. If I'm wrong, please point me in th..."
Posted: by letitburn
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"are there any rope darters in vancouver interested in trading moves? i have gotten to the point were all videos on youtube are useless and im looking to further my skills and im willing..."
Posted: by Meeko_Kiddo
Last Reply: by Dexta
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"Well I am really, really determined to do some sort of fire art this summer. I have a glow staff and working on my skills to get better to do fire. Poi... yeah I need to practice way mo..."
Posted: by Simon130
Last Reply: by Smurf24029
Views: 10418    Replies: 29
"Hello!!I was recently using my AJA Devil Sticks performing at a ball, after about 30mins or so of fire the stick was incredibly slippy due to the soot, same problem I've had with my pre..."
Posted: by T-S-A
Last Reply: by eca
Views: 3091    Replies: 3
"Does anyone know where I could get some glow in the dark contact balls?I want to make some glowing contact poi, but don't want to be using batteries or LEDs. Just some standard balls th..."
Posted: by Ms Vanity
Last Reply: by Charlie Fox
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"Video(rate it if you like it): old photo(handmade by me fingers+Fans): "
Posted: by r2thekore
Last Reply: by poifull_spirit
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"I've recently made some fireswords... and I am using basic poi movements to make up some moves, but I was wondering if there were any structured tips/videos that anyone else knows of wh..."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by Lye
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"sweeeeet "
Posted: by swingstersaywoot
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"all watching Moon's "moogeng" vid.s have made me desire a pair of isosticks! is there any place where a man can buy them? if not, does anyone know how long they should be and ..."
Posted: by KittehRaver
Last Reply: by Charlie Fox
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"Ok, I was interested in getting a pair of fire fans, but need some feed back on which fans would be good for a beginner. Any opinion is welcomed!"
Posted: by brittle
Last Reply: by Charlie Fox
Views: 15349    Replies: 20
"i am planning to make some fire fans for my d&t project 'toys and games' can anyone please help with this i have a small idea of what to do but im not to surehelp would be much apre..."
Posted: by Basstones
Last Reply: by aston
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"Hi all,Hoping we might have a few resident club gurus who may be familiar with the radical fish range. A bit specific I know but no one else has been able to give me an answer...A coupl..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"hey guys, I just had one of those things, you know, a headache with pictures!Wait an idea Have a sectionable meteor that you can split in the middle of spinning into poi.My brain doesn'..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by leapintohoops
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"I'm considering getting a pair of mini hoops from HOP, and I'm wondering how to decide on the right diameter? Is there some sort of reference like with poi? Where it should be from your..."
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