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Posted:So, Im about to start spinning some fans, and as someone who makes all my own toys, i have a few ideas for custom fans that meet my needs/wants better than the available ones.... looking for input before i invest in the kevlar/steel... Im probably going to make the fans out of tubular Stainless steel in order to keep the weight down, and was thinking about using the standard <180* layout for 5 wicks... the major change that want to do is make the loop that everything rotates around a two or three finger loop, instead of the more common 1 finger loop... is there a reason most fans use one finger to rotate around? the other "custom" aspect was to use a flatter "palm section" that will allow me to contact more than just the center part of my hand, and hopefully be more comfortable... anyone had any experience using fans like this or have any input on their "ultimate" fan set up?

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Just wanted to say a big thank you for developing this beard!

This is something ive been looking for such a long time.

Great Job!
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