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John W
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Posted:Hi! grin

For starters, is it possible to make special orders here? Or if there is anyone "freelancing" who could create this? LED or fire.

Otherwise, no matter! I am also looking for suggestions, ideas and/or improvements. I am sure there are many ways to do this but this is the only way I can think of it.

I have been working on a conceptual idea for "poi" (or this toy), i.e. thinking. Working title, palm/chi/fireball poi. Used with one hand, a ball with the diameter from, example, thumb tip to little finger tip. With a short string, preferably hard to see, to create an illusion that the ball is hovering (much like levi-stick).

EDIT: String also extendable by mechanism inside, mid-string uses spring inside to extend. If this is possible; combined with the diagonal mechanism connected with the thumb, you could, by pulling the thumb string extend the mid-string spring. Without fire though, you could easily use an elastic string.

EDIT: When the fire is lit inside (if one would have metal bars and the fire inside), it could be called Lantern Poi. Even attached to a pole as well. With or without a rope/string within the pole. With the rope/string one could extend the "lantern" at the top of it further out.


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