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Posted:I recently have been allowed to play with fire due to some recent met friends. They started me with fans possible move to try poi after a good amount of practice. I will be in a sitting position for anything i do with fire due to being in a wheelchair. They gave me the lightweight Khaos fans from spinsterz. I seemed to do okay with them, i noticed that they have a slightly heavier, more durable version of that fan. I am used to more weight and think durability is a plus. I have also looked at the collapsible fans but i think i should probably play with a more sturdy fan. I also am very short so that may be a factor. I was wondering if there are any suggestions on the best fan with the mindset that the movements will be a little more restristed or controlled in a smaller area. Also if the khaos fans are good is the heavy better than the light? Spinsterz is out of stock of both khaos fans but i have found them on renagade...anyone know of the company? Would it be better to wait on spinsters or order from renagade. Thank you for your time and help.

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