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Posted: Hi, I have a few Fire Toys. A staff, and some Poi. Sadly in the last few years I haven't touched them much, but I want to dust them down and start practicing again. When I get back to a competent standard I want to know what is the best thing for containing fuel to soak the wicks in? What is the best fuel to use. Also, I'd like to try fire breathing/eating. I bought a Fire Breathing wand from somewhere I can't remember but that has two screws holding the wick on. I don't rally fancy putting that in my mouth and catching my lips on those two screws. Any advice? Many thanks, Ben

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Posted:fuel container: depends on size and number of wicks. for a set of Fire Poi of cathedral head or smaller, wash out a paint tin thoroughly (dont use spirits to clean and keep the lid). if you have multiple or larger heads, id recommend a metal bucket (its what i use). in short; metal container, preferably just the right size for what you are putting in it

fuel: theres more than 1 topic on this, kerosene/paraffin is the preferred one by most but even this differs from location to location. If you are in the UK, id recommend the paraffin you can get at Homebase and B&Q in the garden section, it comes in 4litre tubs and costs between £7 and £12

I havnt a clue on Fire Eating, most of my knowledge is via youtube (search for 'scamschool fire'). Note: he doesnt use paraffin, though i cant remember what he uses exactly. Take his recommendation and learn from a professional in person though, ive met a few people who burned themselves badly trying to teach themselves. He also goes over how to make your own Fire Eating wand -youre right to not use the standard Fire Wand as most of those are made for firebreathing so have a slightly thicker head

i am well versed in firebreathing though, first off id recommend looking through everything on this site about it. If that doesnt scare you off, start looking for someone who can teach you in person, preferably a professional. Start off using water and no fire, youre aiming to make a mist when it comes out of your mouth similar to water coming out of a spray bottle -if your spray is more like a water gun then you arent doing it right. Once you have technique down, then use some of the fuel (when looking in the forums you will see the right and wrong fuels to use) without fire to get used to the taste and slight consistency change. After youre used to that you can do it with fire, when you do initially it is awesome and terrifying at the same time but make sure to remember basics (eg dont breath in) that you will learn from looking through the forums.
Some things i cant remember if are covered in forums (i mostly learned them when talking with people) are do a weather check, especially wind direction+strength, remember the distance you cover might be unknown (even when you are doing it) so make sure you are well away from people and objects, dont do it too much in a short space of time as the risk of something going wrong increases each time, have a fire blanket+someone who knows all the risks specific to firebreathing (eg ARDS) with you and always have water/mouth wash for after doing it, try to have absorbing-food like bread too in case you swallow fuel. if you have a beard or sensitive skin id recommend vasaline or a moisturiser to reduce chance of burns and heat effects around your mouth

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