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Posted:I'm posting about an experience I had tonight.I was at a rehearsal tonight for a large show. While I normally use Poi that I've made myself, tonight I was trying out the Poi portion of the universal meteor kit. I did two burns with about 10 minutes in between them. The first one was with denatured alcohol, the second was with kero. Partway through the second burn one of the heads flew off. After putting the flame out, I looked at the head and saw that the swivel clip used to attach the head to the Poi had (essentially) melted through. Looking at the other one, I saw that it was melted as well and about to break. I'm really lucky that this happened in a rehearsal instead of show. Of course, I would never use an untested set of Poi at a show, but nonetheless. I may be the only person this has happened to, but I think that it is definitely reason for concern. So, make sure that those swivel clips are really going to make it through a burn.Remember:Safe burining is great burning.

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