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Posted:Hey..I finally got my kevlar today AND 4" wide is BIG! Anyway while messing around trying to figure out how i orded 6 feet of kevlar and had small cathedral wicks, i decided to try something new.. I don't know if all your cointries have the same way to fold your flag, but in the USA we fold one corner across and then keep folding the triangle over. I'm sure someone can explain it better than I can.But anyway when I was done I had this 2" thick triangle with a small hole on the "top" corner, and larger ones on the base.. I was wondering if thses would be a good idea?I mean would they burn well and everything? i've never used kevlar before so i have no idea. THey seem to spin well and have nice bvalance, they don't vibrate or anything bad like that.. lete me know your thoughts! Thanks Jon I.

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Posted:Why don't you try it and get back to us? My suspicion is that you wouldn't get a great burn out of them, since this folding scheme would tend to minimize the exposed surface area, and I think maximal surface area works better, but there's nothing like hard, empirical results.

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