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  Posted: Hi firelovers,I began play with fire a month ago and I love to practise in parks in the night. Last week a lampoil was accidentally issued to the ground into the grass. I was so sorry, because I love the nature. My question is there any fuel made of vegetable oil or else, but has nice flame and not destroy the nature?Great thanx for any answer!

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  Posted:There's actually a fuel called "Biodiesal", if you do a search on the name there will be lots coming up, however, Pele has also started a thread about it today, it may come up with some other answers.One thing to note, just because something is natural doesn't mean it won't kill grass, or that it is better for the environment.Lemon juice is natural, but if you dump a thousand gallons of it into a river, all the fish will still die.Likewise with unrefined oil etc. I think you may find that grass is pretty hardy, and tends to grow back quickly even if something has damaged it a bit....------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.comhttp://juggling.co.nz[This message has been edited by Charles (edited 17 October 2001).]

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  Posted:Bio Diesel won't harm the grass on it's own BUT if you want to conserve your lawn its not a good idea to spill it. This is why... I did some firebreathing and twirling experiments aboot a month ago on my parents front lawn (and a fine lawn it was to) and spilt a fair amount of bio diesel on the grass (fine grass it was). This was ok I thought because it's all harmless and non-toxic and stuff. But when I looked out there later that night 5 potaroos (for non aussies they are like kangaroos only much smaller kinda the size of big rats but much cuter)were scratching their way deep into the lawn looking for the potatocakes and chips that were doubtlessly smelling so delcious (that's what biodiesel smells like- well mine anyway) and ruined the lawn, I think ordinary rats would behave in the same way. So if you like lawn don't spill biodiesel, but if your like animals you should probably spill alot, all over the place.