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Posted:For those of you who have used biodiesel....Is it as picky about burning as Kerosene is? Meaning, can it only be ignited when aspirated, very hot or soaked into something?Also, my understanding from my research is that it is fairly non-toxic...does this mean also ingestible or simply topical?Is there a shelf life to biodiesel? That is, would I have to use it within a specific time frame in order for it to ignite to it's full potential? Kero and lamp oil eventually loose potency. I do not want to invest in biodiesel to find it will go bad before I can use it up (which is why I am asking those of you who have used it).I am looking for an ingestible fuel for one of my fire eating tricks. Currently I use alcohol (obviously) however the flame is not as rich as I need it to be for my daytime shows, and it burns out easily. What I was thinking of doing was mixing a touch of biodiesel with alcohol if the ignition is the problem. But I was wondering if those of you who hae ordered it could tell me if it came with warnings, if you have found anything unique about the burn qualities (preferably pertaining to ignition times) and shelf life.Thank you for your time and info, as I couldn't find the answers I wanted in any of the biodiesel sites.Cheerios!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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Posted:Some things i found during a search :* The flash point for biodiesel in its pure form is more than 300 degrees * Biodiesel does not require special storage. In fact, in its pure form or in blends, biodiesel can be stored wherever petroleum diesel is stored, except in concrete-lined tanks. At higher blend levels, biodiesel may deteriorate natural rubber or polyurethane foam materials. Biodiesel also has a higher flash point, handles like diesel and is safe to transport.
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Posted:I know that biodiesel proponents actually drink the stuff to demonstrate how benign it is. Now...they might be crazy, but I reckon it can't be that bad. There are different grades of biodiesel, same as petro-, some of which *are* dangerous (according to the MSDSs), both in terms of contact and ingestion. Check before you blow.

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Posted:I've firebreathed with it and it tastes rank so don't drink it unless you like to drink warm melted butter, then it might appeal. Also after some fairly rigorous firetwirling experiments I gave up on the stuff as it just doesn't burn as nicely. But ever since those wicks which I used just don't last anywhere near as long. I think BIODIESEL RUINED MY WICKS!!! of course I havn't done a proper analysis or anything, but be careful don't use your good wicks for biodiesel experiments. It's great in cars though!