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Posted:What can I say. Wirewool really rocks!Made some burners out of chicken wire and they worked amazingly :-)A few pics of Woody and Ithaca with wirewool can be found:https://milton-clevedon.demon.co.uk/pictures/poi/26102001/page.shtmland soon to be mirrored here:http://www.poishop.f2s.com/These were taken in Bath during a random after the pub gatering. unfortunatly we couldn't get anymore pics than this (and most of them are pretty lame :-( hopefully we will get some video this weekend.......Make yourselves some wire wool burners, you know you want to.....Have fun!

Luv and Lemons.WoodyMrs Jaypher said, 'It's saferIf you've lemons in your head;First to eat, a pound of meat,And then to go at once to bed.

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Posted:DUUUDE!Looks really neet, funny I was just discussing wirewool with a coworker...what a coincidence.keep on wire woolin`Ju.