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Hello, im making my own practice poi, everything is going right thanx to the tips that are here given, but ive come to a question and is, how long is the best length for the poi string? im not sure but have heard 40cm its the best, could someone give me his opinion?FranciscoNo one is free while others are oppressed - Emma Goldman Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. - Calvin 'Calvin & Hobbes'

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It's really up to you how long you make them. Most people suggest that you make them about the length from your hand to your arm pit, or a little shorter. Poi that are too long can restrict the moves that you can do, but you can always wrap the string around your hands a few times to make them shorter.

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There's no such thing as a right length. I happen to like mine a little shorter than my arms (so that when I do a "burn the nose" move, I just barely miss my face). This is a common preference, but some people like them much shorter than that, some much longer. Some people like to use different lengths at different times, which I've never gotten into but seems like a good idea. Laugh while you can, monkey-boy

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Whatever length you want. I make mine such that when my arm is down at my side while standing, the total setup clears the floor by a centimeter or two. This way I can do full arm rotations w/o smacking the ground with my poi. -v-

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I'd try to make em' adjustable. I change my length all the time. Armpit to finger lenght is a good starting point. Once you've played for a while, change it up and see the difference. I usually like my glowsticks longer as they are lighter. Well, shall we go?
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yep - I suggest you get into learning how to change the length on the fly. Its the best thing I reckon I've learned in the last 6 months or so - and its next chains will be VERY long, cuz I know how to wrap them round my hands and stuff when I'm twirling to shorten them for inside moves...and release them for long wrapping moves, which simply arent possible with chains that are shorter than your of luck.Josh