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when the body is happy the mind smiles to live a single day and hear a good teaching is better than to live a hundred without hearing such teaching and everything is measured by the hole it leaves behind

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12th July, 2008
odd sox
"these socks are great . they're just what i needed for my glow balls . they feel a bit odd at first coz they stretch when you spin but once you've played with them a bit you get used to it . thanks alot"
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Purchase Copper Crimp  
12th July, 2008
fire snakes coooooool
"i've yet to do my first burn with them (thanks to the great british summer) but have spun them . they are cool can't wait till i can set them on fire .will let you know when i've done it"
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Service & support  
2nd July, 2008
HOW FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"i can't believe how fast the service is .My order arrived in less than a week NZ to UK . They also emailed to tell me when it had been sent . So good i've ordered more stuff already Thanks"
, United Kingdom  [Verified Buyer]
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