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Hi ya'll
Just to let you know its World Juggling day tomorrow and at Kumarani Circus in Dargaville we're going to be doing a wee Parade and workshops for the folk of Dargaville and beyond, so come on down and get yerselves a juggling.
NB:Now im not sure how many of you HOP-ers actually live in the Kaipara district, of Northland NZ - so how about....
SET UP your own Juggle Jam/Group pass in the park/juggle off/3 balls in the kitchen/major event/juggle olympics/combat/whatever - just have a juggle on Saturday and see how much you learn/drop/have fun/break/help your left and right brain/etc...
Hope you have fun
Peas and passing juggle

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thanx for this information..i gonna keep it in my mind and heart and will share it with me and myone..and maybe some more at party ..maybe some spinners and jugglers in hamburg, germany...

love and joy

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