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Melbourne's 1st Conference of its kind:

10 hours of workshops geared towards professional development for circus artists, with an Open Stage show to close. There will be a 'Silent Panel' writing back feedback for ALL acts in the Open Stage: Upon request, you will be able to receive this feedback and a copy of your act on DVD, for no extra cost, to take home with you.

The list of workshops has now been finalised, and includes juggling, hula hoop, movement, street & roving performance, act-devising techniques and many more. Have a look at www.juggling.net.au/jugglink for more information and to buy tickets.

Places are limited, so booking in advance is advised.

Feel free to email any questions to mjcinfo@gmail.com, send me a PM (I may not check them very often though) or post a comment here!

Hope to see you there, spread the word!

Christian juggle

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wish i could be there christian, would be a great day of concentration smile


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You're moving on to bigger and better plans though - many fun times ahead. See you in Germany I hope!!!!
Happy travels bro! Oh, and Kyle's planning on catching up with you before you head...

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I can't go...

Flights were too expensive to change and I would've missed a friend's birthday bash by a few days if I stayed...

Thanks very much for the offer though Christian, I really do hope it all goes well!

Should meet up before I go though! Who knows. I might even end up going to EJC! tongue (with my budget? doubt it...)

hug hug hug

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Yay! More events like this would be great! I've gigs back up in Brisbane on the day but would just like to say that I think anyone in to performing would get loads from this. You pay a LOT more in Europe for this sort of thing, so kudos to the good folks behind this.

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