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Saturday 17 - Friday 23 May 2008

Unique juggling and circus, fire and black light event... Now family friendly with activities for kids.

Also its not just me running it anymore - see the website:

Discounts are available in return for giving tuition.

Contact details on the website.


JtJJtJCheck ya later
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Location: Lower Shaw Farm

WOW! This looks amazing! I'm definately going! wink

Jake the Juggler

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Time to bump my post and find out who's coming this year FireMorph and co you out there? JtJ are you or aren't you. XXX

.Morph..Morph.SILVER Member
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Location: Lancashire, UK

Damn! Can't make it this year, unfortunately work is piling up & I cannot take the time off.

Gutted as this is always a highlight of the year, & will be missing the lake swimming & saunas.....Hope you all have a great week & a Laurieston-tastic cabaret!!

P.S. If you are considering this, go for it. I went several years ago without knowing anyone else there & had a superb week & have been back several times since. Great bunch of people, beautiful location, & more workshops that you can shake a staff at.

weavesmiley juggle

Fable Goodmanmember
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Location: Sunderland

Not long to go now !

I am once again looking forward to another magical experience in this unique venue.
I have been on this event a number of times over the years, and can thoroughly reccomend it.

different each year depending on the mix of people who turn up.

but some things remain the same... fabulous food aplenty, great surroundings.
not to be missed.

see you there?


JtJJtJCheck ya later
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Location: Lower Shaw Farm

Unfortunately I now can't make this frown proper gutted!

I know you all will have a fantastic time and I will miss being with you for yet another year.

If anyone is considering this (or even if you're not!), DO IT! It is an event and a venue to die for!

Gutted frown jake

Jake the Juggler

FireNixFireNixBRONZE Member
old hand
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Location: India/Bristol

OOOooooo - some year I will make it back to this wonderfull event.
The fact that I am now a Community Circus Teacher in New Zealand means....probably NOT this year!!
A FULL recommendation for this though.
Lovely people - lovely place - lovely...everything
Have fun

Feel the Flame

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