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FireDrums IV Sept 28, Oct 1, 2006

FireDrums is about bringing the global Fire Arts and Drumming Communities together to share knowledge and to propel these burgeoning Art Forms forward. The past 3 FireDrums were blessed with some of the most epic Fire and Drumming Jams of all time with participation from some of the world's most amazing Fire Dancers and Drummers. Truly inspirational!

FireDrums will always be open to everyone at any skill level even if you've never lit-up. Whether you're learning, teaching, sharing, inspiring, or being inspired, we welcome anyone interested in being part of the abundance of advancement that occurs when a convergence of this magnitude transpires. We look forward to revisiting old friendships and creating new ones with those who love the beat of the drums and the warmth and glow of the flame.

Everyone was a beginner at some point in their development and you can often learn just as much from teaching as you can from being taught. There will be organized and impromptu interactive workshops in the various disciplines of the Fire and Flow Arts and Drumming throughout the gathering.

LOCATION: We've secured the beautiful Cutters Scout Reservation exclusively for our next FireDrums gathering. Cutter Scout Reservation is a full-service camping facility located in the coastal mountains of California above Santa Cruz. This breath-taking 300 acre camp ground is located 25 miles from Santa Cruz and 67 miles from San Francisco. Cutter is about 2,200 feet in elevation and it's in some of the last old-growth redwoods on the West Coast. There is a full-size swimming pool, a small lake with canoes, hiking trails, bathrooms & showers with running water, bbq's, and so much more!

Things to bring: Your highest self, fire toys, drums, fuel, fire safety equipment, whatever you need to be happy in the woods, camping gear, tent, food, drinking water, friends & family, flashlight, sun screen, bathing suit, layers for varying temperatures, love & good vibes.

Things not to bring: alcohol, dogs, bad vibes.

As always, this is a LEAVE NO TRACE gathering!

Please car pool as there is very limited parking!

These 2 previous topics are VERY IMPORTANT POINTS!

This is a scout camp located within a beautiful national forest and it's our 1st gathering at this location. It's imperative that we show absolute respect for their beautiful land or we will not be invited back again. We have conveyed to Cutters how wonderful and respectful everyone has been at our past 3 gatherings and that FireDrums is not a rave or party scene.

Total capacity is strictly capped at 600 attendants by the Cutter Ranger!

Advanced Purchase Tickets: $40
*Only the 1st 450 pre-sold tickets are available at this price*
*The last 150 advanced tickets will be $50*

On-Sight (Gate) Tickets: $50
*Only available if FireDrums doesn't sell-out from Advanced Purchase Tickets*

To purchase tickets and for more info, please go to

Ticket price includes entrance to the gathering, use of all of the features listed above, up to 72 hours of camping, swimming, and lots of fun! By securing the reservation for our exclusive use, we can now put the funds received towards making this an even better experience for everyone at a lower individual cost than past FireDrums gatherings.

Cutter Scout Reservation
2500 China Grade Road
Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Road map to Cutter Scout Reservation:

See ya at FireDrums IV!!!

burn bright,
love, laughter & light...
Vatra & Sky

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OMG you got YUTA to come from Japan!! I so wish i lived closer!!!!
Amy in Alabama

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