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Minsk, Belarus


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Best Regards, Aliaksej "Bekar" Burnosenka,
Fire and Medieval Theatre "DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre"

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Minsk, Belarus

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Tired Jesters in love
Fire Castle in Poland
Belarusian Firebreathing Sunset
Purchase No. 7 Ball Bearing Swivel  
4th December, 2010
The best choice
"The only thing we all in Minsk School of Fire Arts use for firepoi and trainingpoi: those swivel. Some young fire-spinners try to find fisher's wivel but those ones breaks in 2-3 weeks with our trainings. Those are the best."
, Belarus  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase 3/8 inch Rope Wick 100ft  
7th April, 2010
Perfect Kevlar
"this kind of Kevlar products - is the Perfect one I've ever use. Any kind of Poi Staff Dragons fenix-wings circles - we can make everything with it! It's great."
, Belarus  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase Face Paint Fluorescent  
23rd March, 2010
Brightest face-paint for Blacklight Performances.
"I am making a lot of Blacklight performances in Belarus and Europe. And for us it was always a problem to find the really bright UV-paint for body to use in Open-Air Performances where there are a lot of secondary noisy sources of light. This paint is very good for this. Aliaksej Bekar Burnosenka"
, Belarus  [Verified Buyer]
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