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Amazing little festival in Norfolk, The Antic Banquet, is happening this weekend.

Around 500 people, lots of amazing music and antics - Beardyman is headlining. On the Sunday there's a massive free-for-all banquet for the whole fest included in the ticket price. Check out and read the manifesto.

I will be there doing workshops, and there will be a fireshow but I don't know who - I was supposed to be performing but two different people booked two different fireshows haha... anyway would be great to get some more spinners down.

Obviously it's very short notice, but if anyone has a free weekend I can get you nearly half price tickets. Normal price is 65, but you can get one for 35. It's a new festival, organised by amazing people but ticket sales have been lower than expected, and it need your support!

To get the link for cheap tickets email me at

Hope to see you there!

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