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Posted: Just thought I would make a quick post about the Durham juggling Convention happening this weekend (18th/19th October).

Starts at 10am Saturday, ends at 2pm Sunday. Costs 11 for both days including the show, 7 for the Saturday with the show, or 3 for just the show.

We have workshops including:

Rubiks cube
Contact Juggling
Poker Chip Manipulation

in fact any workshop you want you can ask for on the day and the chances are that someone will be able to help you out..

Our show line up is quite varied this year:

Ronan - Poi
Do I need to describe Ronan's Poi spinning here?

John Udry
Jon Udry was the first BYJOTY winner and four years on, he is preparing to make a move to London to become a professional juggler.

Helen and Freya
Newcastle based mother and daughter acro act. Helen is heavily involved
with northern aerial troupe "Hang" - more can be found at:
Matt Eade
Last I checked, the act will comprise of banana manipulation, ball on
parasol and no doubt some crazy hard Devil Stick balancing.

Cyndi Steele
Cyndi will be performing a contact routine, mixing Contact Juggling with
robotic and fluid motion dance.

I don't know much about Duncan, but he's a moderator on Diabolo.ca - so he must know what he's doing with a Diabolo.

Vincent von Pickles and Dame Gabbanelli Viganoni
Vincent's debut performance on the juggling scene, includes some lovely
combination tricks. Vincent is accompanied by Dame Gabbanelli on the

Dave Barnes
Well, if you're going to have one Diabolo act, you might as well have a
second one - especially if it has two diabolo's in it.

Pretty Simple
A York based four person ball stealing act, I missed them at York last
year, but I get to see them this time (though only from the side of

Dave Kelly
The word is that Dave will have "something new" for the show. We shall see what the mind of Dave Kelly brings us next..

AJ James
As long as he isn't hired by a paying gig, AJ is intending perform his
acrobatics and hand balancing skills.

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