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Posted:Hi Guys!

Anybody interested to go there?
I will be there from 1. to 17. oct.

Be seeing you wink


Trans Yapit

1st international culture weeks
at the gas works in Kadiky
30. September until 19. October 2008

In October 2008 the international multimedia art celebration of "Trans Yapit" will take place in the district of Kadiky in Istanbul.

This event will be totally free of admission for everybody.

The Location of this happening is the historically listed, industrial complex of the former gas works "Gazhane".

The festival will be a meeting point of numerous performative styles such as acrobatics, music, theatre, dance, figure theatre, machine object theatre, and fire art as well as for new and experimental stage formats.

A selection of the best street-theatre artists from Europe, altogether 23 groups of artists from 8 countries are invited to Istanbul.

Beside an extensive stage program, the visitors will find an interactive "child land", an open space area for art projects, workshops and spontaneous actions as well as a newcomer stage for young local talents.

With "Trans Yapit" a concept for "Gazhane" will be realized, which will weave the artistic program with the versatile possibilities of the unusual area and will make the potential and charm of this unique place experienceable.

The festival will use the area for the first time for artistic purposes in a large extent; it supports thereby the request of the district Kadiky to welcome in the coming years the development of an artistic-cultural centre. At the time of the preparations and executions of the art festival the inhabitants of the quarter as well as Istanbul's culture-creators will merge actively and co-operate with the international groups of artists.

The Burning Woman
Fire of the Scorch and
The Singe that Bleeds

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