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Posted: by LostSurfer
Last Reply: by yoni
Views: 579    Replies: 9
"Hey, just let ppl know, in particular all you Cornish/Southwest spinners, that if anyone finds themselves coming over to Scilly let me know! i'm always up for a spin and there's some am..."
Posted: by Kir :)
Last Reply: by razerflame87
Views: 670    Replies: 7
"Hey just got back from England and dying to learn some stuff with my poi... also to make some new buddies... Can anyone help???? "
Posted: by underage_abuser
Last Reply: by Havokist
Views: 378    Replies: 2
"hey ive been doing poi for bou 2-3 months now but the only people i knoe who do poi and that are any gd are pixi and he is all ways to busy with somthing else to teach me about any othe..."
Posted: by stano3b
Last Reply: by stevo_the_pirate
Views: 866    Replies: 19
"heyi am 21 and i've moved to crawley and i'd like to get to know some poi spinners here...i really like poi but i hate spinning on my own...so is anybody willing to share his knowledge ..."
Posted: by Jurassic Mike
Views: 398    Replies: 0
"We've got about four people already, some of who staff instead/as well as, and we all have vastly ranging abilities so anyone would fit in really."
Posted: by raincusp
Last Reply: by JauntyJames
Views: 538    Replies: 1
"looking for people in or around southeastern PA to spin with."
Posted: by PoiBoi_Iggy
Views: 674    Replies: 0
" alright.. so right now im in the keys and i have found 2 poeple to help teach me... but there leaving july4 and i leave back to Spring Hill in august... So if You live in the Spring..."
Posted: by PunkyPlastik
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
Views: 1078    Replies: 2
"hi, mi name is luciana, i living in south florida (DAVIE), and i want make a poi troupe, you know, to big and nice creatives moments.to contact mail me at: mariposa_del_sur78@yahoo.com..."
Posted: by Janett
Last Reply: by Janett
Views: 455    Replies: 2
"Looking for other experienced fire spinners in Indiana. Hoping to get together to teach/learn. Email me and let me know.Breanna"
Posted: by blu_valley
Last Reply: by boo80
Views: 535    Replies: 3
"Theres about three or four of us that meet up randomly during the week after work sometimes(when the weather is good), and I was just wondering if anyone wanted to join us sometime. We ..."
Posted: by Shibui
Last Reply: by Psycho_lemming
Views: 665    Replies: 1
"Hey I'm an aussie that will be heading over to NZ for a working holiday this month. I would really love to meet up with some fellow twirlers, I don't have any concrete plans, but will p..."
Posted: by Birgit
Last Reply: by clarence_quack
Views: 871    Replies: 13
"Hey guys!My crazy friend Charlie is about to ride around Australia on his trike for a year! He's not a spinner but still very nice, so if anyone would like to show him around a bit or o..."
Posted: by rowanlee
Views: 564    Replies: 0
" Just wondering if anyone here is from Stonehaven? I am going to go there while in Scotland for Uberpoi, because that is where my family is from before emigrating to Canada. I have alw..."
Posted: by slipping tongue
Last Reply: by Psycho_lemming
Views: 745    Replies: 1
"hey im just wondering how many HOPers out there are from hamilton iv just moved here my self and looking for people to hang out with.i gave my poi's to my lil sis though . i miss my fi..."
Posted: by Fire Taiger
Last Reply: by SirEggo
Views: 489    Replies: 2
"are there any other poiple around this nothing place called clear lake in califonia, or does lake county ring a bell. the bay area's not to far from here either. anyone. please. there a..."
Posted: by fNi
Views: 476    Replies: 0
"I'm here, for a month, till the 2nd of July, in durness, doin the glasgow uni archaeology project, and would like to know if anyone's about if they'd like to meet up for a spin (i don't..."
Posted: by wyldmajik
Views: 569    Replies: 0
"Hi,really new to poi, was given a set recently by my partner after commenting on seeing someone perform on the beach where i live. i was just wondering if there was any groups or events..."
Posted: by Falderfaile-POI
Views: 592    Replies: 0
"My friend and I are wondering if we are the only people that even play with fire in the Daytona Beach Area... I am surprised at how much of a party town Daytona Beach is and there isn't..."
Posted: by Sir Nuggit
Views: 445    Replies: 0
"Calling all Berlin spinners.I am visiting Berlin in a few weeks and was wondering if there were any German spinners up for being a tour guide for the day? Possibly getting some spin, b..."
Posted: by BrushFireFairy
Last Reply: by syndiccells
Views: 527    Replies: 1
"Looking for Stroud folk to spin with! Or i suppose gloucester would do.."
Posted: by Satsa
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 527    Replies: 1
"I've just received my Womad ticket through the post,and it occurred to me there's always loads of poisters there, maybe it would be a great chance to meet some fellow HoPpers. S..."
Posted: by Zerro
Last Reply: by Zerro
Views: 1267    Replies: 14
" Hey all. Ok so it's come to my attention that for the most part there are no organized groups in the Los Angeles area who get together to practice or burn poi and other fire toys..."
Posted: by clemi
Views: 480    Replies: 0
" coucou les francais!!! je cherche des gens pour jongler et parler des pois, bolas etc...! y'en a en rhone-alpes? vive le feur et les bolas! "
Posted: by Bekar
Last Reply: by Dixie
Views: 628    Replies: 1
"Hi, Guys! I'm from Belarus, But I'm almost alone here,,, 8'=( Is there anybody from nearest countries?Will be glad to speak to You...Bekar."
Posted: by littlewing
Last Reply: by littlewing
Views: 672    Replies: 3
"hello, just wondering if there are any groups of fire spinners anywhere in south america.... i'm planning to travel there someday in the not-toooooo-distant future and would like to fi..."
Posted: by Nucleopoi
Last Reply: by Pink...?
Views: 1574    Replies: 27
"i am looking for some people in the north to meet up with, share ideas and just for a general meet up/burn in the yorkshire area."
Posted: by Lavatwilight
Last Reply: by Lavatwilight
Views: 559    Replies: 8
"Ok i am moving to Egham to go to university after the summer break type thing, and i am going to be all on my lonesome, is there any one there or anywhere near?I can and also will trave..."
Posted: by Kandigirl
Last Reply: by K6
Views: 729    Replies: 16
"Hiya peeps My friend bought me some poi for xmas cause its something I've always wanted to be able to do and I wondered if there are any peeps living in the Manchester area that wouldn..."
Posted: by alvheid
Last Reply: by jarofgreen
Views: 551    Replies: 2
"Travelling to Kirkwall April 28th with Statsraad Lehmkuhl (3-masted barque rigged sail training vessel ), so if there are any HoP people around, please let me know "
Posted: by Seraphire
Last Reply: by Frodo
Views: 760    Replies: 12
"I know there are about a million other lists around somewhere, but I don't know where they are. So why not start one here. I can't see another Hants thread anywho so go for it."
Posted: by WOFT
Views: 761    Replies: 0
"Hello all!any spinners in Buenos Aires willing to show a South African the fire scene over there? I'm there from around 17 - 24 June. Please PM me if you can give me more info.Cheers!"
Posted: by WOFT
Views: 480    Replies: 0
"Hello all!any spinners in Rottordam willing to show a South African the fire scene over there? I'm there from around 28 June to 18 July. Please PM me if you can give me more info.Chee..."
Posted: by Batwalker
Last Reply: by hexagonic
Views: 1045    Replies: 14
"I arrived in New Zealand under a week ago and managed to get myself a car. We are travelling around for 2 months in total.I'm in Christchurch at the moment and heading south, not sure w..."
Posted: by courts1979
Last Reply: by PyroMonkey
Views: 776    Replies: 15
"Heya just starting poi n stuff wondering if there are any peoples out there in Newtownwho could show me a few things?(eg. how to stop hitting the back of my head?)CX"
Posted: by jazz87
Last Reply: by Havokist
Views: 755    Replies: 16
"heya i mived to manchester a few months back. before that i lived in norwich. i taughted myself poi as i knew no-one else that did them. no i am stuck at a set level and cant get any be..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by newgabe
Views: 4403    Replies: 78
"on the 2nd of april the beautiful miss lexy shall be joining me in adelaide and we will be heading off on lots of little random adventures around oz so what would be lovely is suggestio..."
Posted: by Scals
Last Reply: by Frodo
Views: 719    Replies: 9
"Hi there,This is a call for any fellow spinners in the Poole or Bournemouth area. Just scoutin for other poi-ists to have a practice with over the sunny summer months. Possibly get so..."
Posted: by Sir Nuggit
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 412    Replies: 1
"Fancy spinning a few tricks tonight? "
Posted: by lasersurge
Views: 695    Replies: 0
"hello everyone, if you haven't checked out the thread in the event section about or riding across the uk, well, we're riding across the uk and would love to meet play and stay with wick..."
Posted: by Nox
Views: 774    Replies: 0
"Will be in Barcelona for 2 days. Are we going for a little fire ?say hello thanks. "
Posted: by Jai - Staff
Last Reply: by Jai - Staff
Views: 741    Replies: 13
"I dont know if there is a thread up for Burleigh Heads yet but there really should be. I went up there last Sunday night all by my lonesome and had the best time i have had in months a..."
Posted: by firebyrd
Views: 666    Replies: 0
"Hey there, I'm travelling to Boston for six weeks and can't bear the thought of not having anyone to play with for that lenght of time... Need new playmates, only lunatics should apply..."
Posted: by Nox
Views: 647    Replies: 0
"will be in Eivissa. Are we going to spinning at the beach ? 2.06.05 -12.06.05I'm doing staff.Nox "
Posted: by Travelling Dirtbag
Last Reply: by dipsy
Views: 479    Replies: 2
"Hey everyone. Within the next month I'll be leaving Bishop, CA, and heading up to BC..... Squamish to be exact....... anyone hangin around that area, or plan to travell there this summe..."
Posted: by lucidenergy
Last Reply: by PunkyPlastik
Views: 453    Replies: 1
"Anyone around Pensacola Fl who'd like to spin some PLEASE let me know... I've yet to meet a soul here who spins! The name's Travis by the way... keep spinning. "
Posted: by alasin
Last Reply: by Flint
Views: 827    Replies: 13
"I'm a journalism student and beginner poi spinner trying to write a feature on poi. Would any of you lovely spinners be interested in answering a few questions? Either on here or by ema..."
Posted: by pineapple pete
Views: 597    Replies: 0
"hi all,comming up to merimbula some time later this year. I know there are some twirlers up there, i just havent been able to find them. PM me or send me email, address is in my profile..."
Posted: by burcuu
Last Reply: by marvin
Views: 639    Replies: 7
"Hey! I'd like too meet and spin with you guys!"
Posted: by Flame Swirl
Last Reply: by Flame Swirl
Views: 521    Replies: 4
"Hey all, im headin up to Darwin on the 20th. Yay for holidays... EDIT: no longer stopping in Brisbane due to flight changes... I hope to get up that way next year tho, look forward to c..."
Posted: by fnord108
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 404    Replies: 1
"I just found out that grad school will have me moving to NYC some time this summer. Naturally, I'm looking for other fire spinners before I even start looking for an apartment. Any in..."
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