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BekarPLATINUM Member
Best fire theatre of BY, PL and UA in 2007, Bychyna competition
54 posts
Location: Minsk, Belarus

Hi, Guys!
I'm from Belarus, But I'm almost alone here,,, 8'=(
Is there anybody from nearest countries?

Will be glad to speak to You...


Best Regards, Aliaksej <span style="font-weight: bold">"Bekar"</span> Burnosenka,<br />Fire and Medieval Theatre <span style="font-weight: bold"> "DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre"</span> <br /> <br />e-mail:<br />phone: +375 29 5076263<br />Minsk, Belarus

DixieGOLD Member
old hand
740 posts
Location: Darkest Bedford., United Kingdom

Keep in touch Bekar!

Belarus may not be on my "must visit" list, but Estonia is...
I am sure I will be able to make a detour.

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