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Posted: by MrConfused
Last Reply: by MrConfused
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"After meeting so many wonderful spinners half way through my last trip ( you know who you are), I thought I should do the same right from the beginning of this one. So - anyone who wan..."
Posted: by Carlosonfire
Last Reply: by Carlosonfire
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"As the title suggests, calling all Cornish dancers!!!Am looking for find others who practice, perform and have fun with fire in Cornwall.I know that you are out their cos I saw a few of..."
Posted: by RedHog
Last Reply: by RedHog
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"I'm WWOFing around Australia, and currently araound Nimbin/ Lismore/Byron Bay. Are ther any nice bigger fire gatherings in this area, or just people getting together to play with fire? ..."
Posted: by FireBreatherMan
Last Reply: by FireBreatherMan
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" Fire Factory is a new fire performance group in Southern Nevada. For those of us who are tired of sitting our butts, doing nothing with our talent, I want you!!! I'm looking for spin..."
Posted: by Igirisujin
Last Reply: by _becks_
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"Any Poi'ers in the north west? Loads of people in the south but fewer people up north. Idealy closer to the Blackburn/Preston/Bolton area or even further afield?"
Posted: by vanize
Last Reply: by vanize
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"I'm most likely moving to Boulder, Colorado from Berlin, Germany in 3 or 4 months, and I am wondering who is out there and what the scene is. Anyone there?"
Posted: by porcepic
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"I'm doing some research on poi, and I'm looking for some all-female poi professional or semi-professional poi troupes. Does anyone know of any in North America? Or useful links for that..."
Posted: by melon
Last Reply: by melon
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"anyone going to the firework show with their poi in lydiard park on the 5th? ill be there"
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by Stig
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"Is this like a non poi spinner town or soemthing, I'm moving there soon for a bit for uni and would really like to meet up with some spinners in the Hull area (Kingston upon Hull that i..."
Posted: by art
Last Reply: by Blayzen Butterfly
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"Hello. This is Art from Bangkok. I just arrived in Melbourne this week and would like to meet up with some other jugglers or fire people, or see some shows. I only have poi, balls an..."
Posted: by Khanon
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"Hey hola no se si habr alguien de centroamerica incluso menos de Honduras pero si por casualidad hay algune no duden en contactarme, HAsta pronto"
Posted: by some_like_it_hot
Last Reply: by some_like_it_hot
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"hey my name is jamie. i go on regular visits to brighton and was wondering if there were any spinning or juggling groups around.especialy in the hanover area."
Posted: by Bumfro
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"Just letting people know, soon there is going to be meets every friday night. I'll post soon with more details, letting you know nice and early. "
Posted: by ana_banana
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"if you are visiting the philippines, check out and get in on the local poi community "
Posted: by vampsm101
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Posted: by JerryD
Last Reply: by JauntyJames
Views: 1452    Replies: 3
"Hi all...Complete beginner here, poi are on their way and should be here in a few days!! I am going to be learning by DVD & book, but would love to find some knowledgeable people i..."
Posted: by scaryfirelady
Last Reply: by mcp
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"hey there everyone, My mate is moving down to edinburgh, so i will be down there a lot more, and was just wanting to find out who's down there. I..."
Posted: by ICTB
Last Reply: by Kyrian
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"Hi everyone!Are you a poi-spinner in Oslo/Norway?I think Im in big need for help. Im now struggling with moves behind the back and I feel I can`t go any further I recently left engla..."
Posted: by Kyrian
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"Hey, I'm wondering if anyone here happens to know the slightest bit about being jewish in leeds/surrounding area. I've been told that its the closest place there's much community etc f..."
Posted: by DragonFury
Last Reply: by Brit_Joe
Views: 1876    Replies: 10
"Any people on here from Darwin? I've seen twirling at Mindle Beach Markets when i lived there, but not sure if anyone from there is on here. Adya and I are going up in Jan to visit my f..."
Posted: by harbollen
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"Hello Melbourne firetwirlers!!!!!!How are u?My name is Jesper Hult and i am a backpacker from sweden. I have been in Edinborug gardens and Alexandra gardens the last too weeks. So u hav..."
Posted: by Lucati
Last Reply: by Psycho_lemming
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"Hy everybodyI have the great pleasure to go to New Zealand for one month from end of feb to end of march.......I'll fly into Christchurch and plan to stay on the South Island....I'll me..."
Posted: by Harry_Potter
Last Reply: by Pink...?
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"Hey ive jsut started Staffing and i was just wondering if there was any meet ups in Derbyshire like Sheffield or Derby. Im all alone learning on my own and although the loverly video le..."
Posted: by Facelessjoker
Last Reply: by Winged Avenger
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"I was just wondering if there are still peeps knocking around from Exmouth.Its getting sunny now and my dad lives there so ill be around alot more. Maybe we could organise a meet or som..."
Posted: by Ageis
Last Reply: by Motley
Views: 1805    Replies: 4
"Hi, I'm looking for spinners in the worthing area. Does anyone know of any groups in that area?Dominic"
Posted: by harbollen
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"HelloMy name is Jesper and i am a backpacker from sweden. I am a firetwirler and uniclist. I am in Melbourne now and i have been here in two weeks soon. I have been in Alexandra and Edi..."
Posted: by IgnitionTerminals
Last Reply: by _Aime_
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"A couple of Fire Troupes in Eastbourne have got together in the last year and are looking at creating a kind of Fire Collective, a group of individual spinners or troupes that meet regu..."
Posted: by tadpole
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"Hey all the Dublinites,I have a small query? Whats the best place to stay for four people? It needs to be near pubs, people who do poi, people who drink beer, people who like people, a..."
Posted: by we_are_legion
Last Reply: by we_are_legion
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"Hey!I'm going to newcastle for the weekend. Friday evening until monday day.IS THERE ANY MEETING PLACE DURING THIS TIME???? "
Posted: by stonebender
Last Reply: by stonebender
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"Hey allIts a nice day here in Calgary.I was wondering if anybody was going to the park tonite to spin. If so what time?Hope everybodys havin a great Thanksgiving.Gary"
Posted: by *HyperLight
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
Views: 10820    Replies: 36
"I'm meeting 'oliver exall' by the fountain in centinery square in B'ham on Wednesday for a bit of a spin. Anyone else in the area fancy joining us?"
Posted: by firepanda
Last Reply: by strawberry2005
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"Hello, just looking for anybody who might spin within Alberta, more specifically Edmonton area.Just seeing if there is anyone. "
Posted: by petts
Last Reply: by Mr_Chutney
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"Hi have been looking 4 someting fire oriented in Gloucestershire 4 a long time, having no one to play with making me grumpy!!! love it burn it"
Posted: by jessfaerie
Last Reply: by d-eye
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"anyone near me?"
Posted: by ma'tina
Last Reply: by ma'tina
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"Ola everybody!just found out that I most probably will have two performances in italy in october, ~13-20. Oct., near florenz/ in case somebody is humping around this area, con..."
Posted: by tadpole
Last Reply: by tadpole
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"Greetings!I'll be whizzing through Dublin from the 14 to the 17 of October, London and Bristol until the 27 of the same month. If anyone in these areas wants to meet for some spinning p..."
Posted: by Seaweed_Sprite
Last Reply: by IloveDancing
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"So far I havn't really come accross anyone in Hawaii, even on other islands. It would be really great to have someone to learn with (or to teach me hehe). I am still really new at this,..."
Posted: by animatEd
Last Reply: by matty390
Views: 957    Replies: 6
"Hello.I want to learn Body popping from someone, to compliment my CJ.Unfortunately, I know of one contact juggler that's going down this route in my area, and that's me!!Please somebody..."
Posted: by beer
Last Reply: by beer
Views: 633    Replies: 3
"wanna go travel ireland and spin fire in some cool spots....castles and stuff, would love to meet up with fellow spinners along the way, hav a sesh!!!"
Posted: by Flea
Last Reply: by pyromania
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"Can anybody get to Devonport on a frid or sat night for a spin at Coles beach?"
Posted: by anarchy2
Views: 675    Replies: 0
"hay all, im new and looking a group in doncaster or box hill that use da staff and fire chain's, dose any1 know of any??"
Posted: by matty390
Last Reply: by matty390
Views: 750    Replies: 4
" does anyone know of/ have seen/ are spinners in cyprus coz im moving there soon and dont know anyone!!! (not that i do already ) also is anyone at all meeting in leeds or going to th..."
Posted: by Stove
Last Reply: by conflagration
Views: 823    Replies: 1
"Greetings and Salutations!I'm hoping there's somebody out there on HOP from Portland, Oregon interested in sharing Poi with me. PM me or reply to this post, eh?Gratzie!-Stove"
Posted: by IgnitionTerminals
Last Reply: by Mynci
Views: 943    Replies: 6
"Ho there. Are there any intermediate staffers in the Eastbourne area, those who are good spinners but are starting out on contact, or who can do some contact and would like someone to s..."
Posted: by Clairebe
Last Reply: by twirlywhirly
Views: 2261    Replies: 42
"Just looking for anyone around the North-West in general really. I'm in Uni in Preston, but from Liverpool, and obviously Manchester is within easy travelling distance..."
Posted: by mexican_yana
Last Reply: by saya
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"Hi! I want to get started in this incredible art... i already bought a book, but i cannot seem to find a place where they sell poi... i live in Den Haag, if anyobody could help me i wou..."
Posted: by nzrosie
Last Reply: by shen shui
Views: 2401    Replies: 6
"Hi there- I'm arriving in London next week and would love to get in touch with people to play pois with. I'm currently in South Korea and I'm a bit rusty but can't wait to to get back i..."
Posted: by mischief
Last Reply: by Eccles
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"hi!! yay i ventured out of japan and am in paris until 20sept05 and then off to barcelona till 26sept05 so if anyone knows any cool fiery people or places where fiery people tend to ha..."
Posted: by Kazza
Last Reply: by Gayle......!
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"Hey peopsCalling all west country folk who are up for some groovy moves for some groovy tunes. Im in the mood for some fire maybe a coupla staffs, some poi and anyone who cares to join..."
Posted: by halter
Last Reply: by Icer
Views: 1454    Replies: 4
"So in about 3 weeks Ill be heading over to NZ for an extended vacation and self enlightening voyage. I have few plans during the 3 months, however Ive been contemplating trying to walk..."
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