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Posted:My boyfriend and I *just* started spinning (we have both lit up once) and we would love to find others in our area to spin with for practice and teaching. The only places I have been able to find so far that might do it are college and university clubs, but their membership is restricted to students and campus communitites only.

We live in Central NY - 1 hour from Syracuse, 1 hour from Ithaca, and even 1 hour from Scranton, PA. NYC is a bit far to travel.

Anyone out there?

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Posted:Well i think I PMed you or your signifigant other on libwitch2 but I'm about 2 hours from Syracuse and if your from the Binghmaton area it's about 2, 2 and a 1/2 hours. Let me know if your interested my girlfriend and i r willing to travel. Or if you like the outdoors come up and camp for a day or two and we can spin and see some cool places.

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