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Posted: by Nox
Views: 687    Replies: 0
"will be in Eivissa. Are we going to spinning at the beach ? 2.06.05 -12.06.05I'm doing staff.Nox "
Posted: by Travelling Dirtbag
Last Reply: by dipsy
Views: 509    Replies: 2
"Hey everyone. Within the next month I'll be leaving Bishop, CA, and heading up to BC..... Squamish to be exact....... anyone hangin around that area, or plan to travell there this summe..."
Posted: by lucidenergy
Last Reply: by PunkyPlastik
Views: 488    Replies: 1
"Anyone around Pensacola Fl who'd like to spin some PLEASE let me know... I've yet to meet a soul here who spins! The name's Travis by the way... keep spinning. "
Posted: by alasin
Last Reply: by Flint
Views: 916    Replies: 13
"I'm a journalism student and beginner poi spinner trying to write a feature on poi. Would any of you lovely spinners be interested in answering a few questions? Either on here or by ema..."
Posted: by pineapple pete
Views: 637    Replies: 0
"hi all,comming up to merimbula some time later this year. I know there are some twirlers up there, i just havent been able to find them. PM me or send me email, address is in my profile..."
Posted: by burcuu
Last Reply: by marvin
Views: 729    Replies: 7
"Hey! I'd like too meet and spin with you guys!"
Posted: by Flame Swirl
Last Reply: by Flame Swirl
Views: 579    Replies: 4
"Hey all, im headin up to Darwin on the 20th. Yay for holidays... EDIT: no longer stopping in Brisbane due to flight changes... I hope to get up that way next year tho, look forward to c..."
Posted: by fnord108
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 445    Replies: 1
"I just found out that grad school will have me moving to NYC some time this summer. Naturally, I'm looking for other fire spinners before I even start looking for an apartment. Any in..."
Posted: by RobertBruce
Views: 1409    Replies: 0
"Ok this may be a long shot... but I'm going down to Mont Royal Saturday April 16th to spin and wanted to see if any others would join or even see this message in time... I'm thinking of..."
Posted: by spacey
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
Views: 675    Replies: 5
" Hello, can someone please help me? I have heard that there are weekly poi/juggling sessions in brixton but dont know when or where it is. could someone please let me know?Also, are..."
Posted: by garthy
Last Reply: by garthy
Views: 452    Replies: 2
"Hi Anyone spinning around the Florida, Orlando area?I'm popping down to Orlando from the 8th of April and thought It would be cool to meet up with some US Spinners there and have a spin..."
Posted: by quiet
Last Reply: by Zauberdach
Views: 412    Replies: 1
"right, i've done a durbs and all I can discover is that there are many more st andrewses than there are cities called st andrews in scotland. if you see what I mean.question: does anyon..."
Posted: by EpsilonKias
Last Reply: by EpsilonKias
Views: 411    Replies: 2
"Are there any spinners around southwest indiana?"
Posted: by Silmanarmo
Last Reply: by ImmortalAngel
Views: 547    Replies: 2
"I'm looking for some more people to spin with. I'm a 15 yr beginer.e-mail me at ziggy_silmanarmo@hotmail.com"
Posted: by gita
Last Reply: by gita
Views: 535    Replies: 4
"hiya! i know it's a really long shot...but i'm wondering if there are any fire twirlers in the south burnett region of queensland!? this includes murgon, kingaroy, wondai, goomeri, meme..."
Posted: by Beth
Last Reply: by Wintermute
Views: 830    Replies: 23
"Hello, any Oxford spinners out there?? I'm gonna be at Brookes from September and would love to meet spinny juggly peoples. Also someone who spins staff to help me learn lots I know th..."
Posted: by aufzeitreise
Last Reply: by Olive
Views: 2192    Replies: 26
"CoucouI just moved to Paris a week ago and have therefore no idea where to practice. I am looking for people playing poi somewhere in the capital. Does anybody have any idea? Or better ..."
Posted: by PyroMonkey
Last Reply: by mischief
Views: 893    Replies: 6
"Hey howdy hey all!!Im coming to byron for the East coast blues and roots fest again, just want to know if there are any spin meets that are going on while im up there?? would love to me..."
Posted: by newgabe
Last Reply: by Dentrassi
Views: 1081    Replies: 3
"I will be going down to Sydney for a few days somewhere around Easter...to visit my elderly Dad.... and it would be good to get out for a break and meet up with some folks for a play......"
Posted: by Domino
Last Reply: by newgabe
Views: 818    Replies: 1
"I'm a month into traveling around the world and I leave for Sydney on monday. I've got 3 month in Oz so will probably stick the East coast. So the the questions are:What's worth seeing/..."
Posted: by skyler
Last Reply: by skyler
Views: 830    Replies: 2
"I was just wondering if their is anyone in the reading or surronding areas who would like to meet up and give me a hand (cheeky to ask I know)I have today been shopping in camden and go..."
Posted: by Eveish
Last Reply: by Eveish
Views: 1148    Replies: 13
"I am heading over the WA in April and would like to meet up with all you lovely Perth/Freo spinners!who here is from Perth? and where do you guys meet? is there a weekly fire meet etc? "
Posted: by Nucleopoi
Views: 1844    Replies: 0
"people of the north,post here.i need people to play with reveal yourselves to memany kind regards "
Posted: by Gnor
Views: 973    Replies: 0
"Monday Nights Where :South Beach Fremantle. In the park next to the shelter.When: 9pm, sometimes a bit earlierSometimes is a fuel pool that you can put in for. Ask when you go down ther..."
Posted: by Sminkuzjin
Last Reply: by Mugetsu
Views: 932    Replies: 1
"Hi, I've just started poi and I've mastered most of the basics. I was wondering if there are any clubs or meetings that happen in the northeast of Scotland (im from Fochabers, near Elgi..."
Posted: by ImmortalAngel
Last Reply: by _pOp_
Views: 1136    Replies: 2
"I'm wondering how many people have actually used the meet others database with success?Or how many have been able to plan entire trips using the database and Homestay icons?I'm looking ..."
Posted: by scarletfire
Last Reply: by Dentrassi
Views: 1300    Replies: 3
"hey everyoneim here in australia form canada and i have been searching for a really nice spin spot with some people to mingle with. i have been spinning for 2 1/2 years now and since i ..."
Posted: by PyroMonkey
Last Reply: by PyroMonkey
Views: 2700    Replies: 36
"Hi all you spinners, im from the northern beaches in sydney. I spin a 4 footer (jo Staff), been trying realy hard to get a small group together to start regular spin nights. If ure nea..."
Posted: by PyroMonkey
Last Reply: by And all that's jazz
Views: 971    Replies: 4
"Sorry: all for the short notice. IGNITE THE NIGHTWhen: 9:00pm Sunday 27th Feb Where: Dee Why Beach, North SydneyBring: Firetoys!!! (and plenty of fuel) depending on how popular..."
Posted: by moskeito
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 1234    Replies: 6
"Hello - i'm in sheffield for 2 months and would like to find other spinners, staffers, jugglers.I'm here for the Polichinelo course which is great so far, but i need stuff to keep me bu..."
Posted: by goagirl
Last Reply: by floki
Views: 1142    Replies: 1
"hello i am a belgium poi spinner .i dont do it verry long but its a start !i looking for some belgium poi spinners !!! who helps me !!!!! "
Posted: by Sniper
Last Reply: by Sniper
Views: 1674    Replies: 2
"Hey just wondering if there are any spinners in wigan? i know there's loads in manchester but i can only get up at the weekends so if there's anyone in wigan fancies getting together fo..."
Posted: by Monaco Kiwi
Last Reply: by Ninaruna
Views: 2423    Replies: 2
"Looking for people and places to play on the Cote d'Azur"
Posted: by moskeito
Last Reply: by onewheeldave
Views: 2137    Replies: 1
"Just moved to Sheffield for 2 months and am missing the edinburgh spinners - Hello all!Is there anyone here?"
Posted: by firestu
Last Reply: by firestu
Views: 2523    Replies: 6
"hi i am from the south west of the uk i am looking for othere people from around exeter that are into fire things and might like to meet up for a play!"
Posted: by Leliannan
Last Reply: by PyroWill
Views: 3220    Replies: 10
"Hallo world!I'm an advanced beginner from Los Angeles coming to London between the 17th and 22nd of February. Anyone care to spin? I can teach what I know to you (if you don't know th..."
Posted: by untroddenways
Views: 1443    Replies: 0
"Hey people!Ok, I found some people in Milan that might pe intereseted in some firespinning! Are there any more that want to join us when the time comes? Let me know, and I'll arrange so..."
Posted: by PoiBoyDownunder
Last Reply: by flash fire
Views: 1778    Replies: 1
"hello, looking for twirling groups on sun,mon or tues nite in sydney. Have'nt twirled in a while and want to get back into it. Needin to learn some new trixcan anyone help me out???????..."
Posted: by weeleigh
Last Reply: by fNi
Views: 1934    Replies: 2
"So, I just started going to Mt. Holyoke College, in MA, and I didn't know if anyone on here went either there or somewhere in the area? Cause it would be wonderful to meet someone So....."
Posted: by Beth
Views: 1904    Replies: 0
"Hey NY peoples,I'm going to be travelling for about 2 months in june and july and one of my stops is your lovely city. I'll be arriving on the 15th of june, hopefully, and leaving on th..."
Posted: by firered
Last Reply: by Antti_Everything
Views: 2174    Replies: 1
"hei i know in january there was a whole fire festival in helsinki but i wasnt here for it now im here and i cant seem to track down any other spinners "
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