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Hello, I've just arrived in New York from London. I am staying here for two months, and I would like to find some people or a place where people practice circus arts. My main specialities are Poi and staff, but I dabble in devilsticks, diablo, Contact Juggling, three balls/clubs to varying degrees, and I am also interested in learning tumbling and breakdancing.

I am living in Midtown, and I am working weekdays in the financial district. Could you advise me on places and times to meet friendly people to practise with? Preferably where I don't have to pay. I would also be interested in meetings or places in or near the city where one can use fire.

In addition, does anyone know of any nightclubs where glowpoi, glowballs etc are looked upon favourably?

I already know about the New York Trapeze School and I've heard about something in Tompkinson park, I think?