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Posted:I have never done Poi. I wanna get started with flag spinning. Can anyone in New York City help me get started and help teach me? I would greatly appreciate it. You can help start a great passion in Poi for someone, meaning me.

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Posted:Thursdays - Thompkins Square Park - 6PM - dark. There are poi'ers, hoopers, and others varying week to week - flags, staff, plates, juggling, contact .... come play. If you've got your own Poi or flags, that would be great, but we usually have a few extra pair of Poi to practice with, if you ask nicely. People are friendly and willing to help teach, as long as you are also willing to put in your practice time, too. Look forward to seeing you there.




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Posted:Or, if you're into flagging... check out

I don't know them but did meet the guy who runs "Axis Danz" a while back, his name is George and he's very cool. He used to give flagging lessons in Manhattan but I'm not sure where he is now...

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
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