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Posted:hello, just wondering if there are any groups of fire spinners anywhere in south america....

i'm planning to travel there someday in the not-toooooo-distant future and would like to find/get to know anyone who does it in any south american/central american country.

?alguien sabe que hay grupos de 'spinners' de fuego en sudamerica, en cualquier pais? voy a viajar por sudamerica en el futuro (probablemente despues de un a~no) y quisiera conocer otros spinners antes de ir.... (lo siento, mi espa~nol es muy malo...espero que va a ser mejor cuando llego alli!)


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Posted:waves to little wing biggrin

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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Posted:Just thought I'd tell you...your Spanish is GREAT...(I'm a Spanish Teacher). Can't help you with your question about Fire Spinners...I do know an Argentinian girl who spins...but last I knew, she was in Costa Rica...I'll keep thinking and let you know. I might have some good travel advice- let me know if you want any. I'm hoping to make the same trip soon...maybe WE can meet. Buena Suerte!
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Posted:hi carrie,

thanks for your message (and thanks for saying nice things about my spanish smile ). whereabouts do you live?

yeah, it would be good to keep in touch - i really don't know when i'm gonna get there because i'm in the process of getting a graduate job right now (who knows how long it's going to take frown ) but it would be cool to know other people over there before going.

thanks smile