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Posted: by SpunInTx
Last Reply: by Kaze
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"Been spinning for a couple years but I don't know anyone else who does. Looking for some folks to get together in Dallas to let it fly.I have a pretty big space near downtown Dallas th..."
Posted: by BandanaDave
Last Reply: by Nifelium
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"Hello HoP,Well Circusoc is heading to Melbourne (a few of us anyway) and we're looking for homes and playmates. Why are we heading to Melbourne? the current plan is to get lost in St A..."
Posted: by Bynjaimyn
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"I'm gonna be in Kansas City, Missouri from August 5th to the 9th, and I am looking for some people to hang out with, maybe spin fire with. I'm going to have at least one day free, so hi..."
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by poxe679
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"Hope to see some Perth people out there on Sunday night."
Posted: by sno_pixie
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
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"is anyone interested in meeting up in york? it would make a nice change from just me and mrflibble, especially as we're quite lazy hehe. we could even call ourselves the york spin-sters..."
Posted: by Turquoisetaz
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"Are there any people spinning in or around Nice, France? If so, I'd love to meet up!"
Posted: by Leeta
Last Reply: by stealthywanderer
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"Michigan-Grand Rapids. I am new to Poi and would like to meet up with people in the Grand Rapids area.If anyone is out there please contact me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Leeta "
Posted: by Alandera
Last Reply: by aston
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"does anyone know anyone who might know someone in south africa... who does poi... or staff... or anything. im dieing here."
Posted: by kerryann
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"Im looking for POI trainers and fire eating/breathing trainers in Johannesburg area."
Posted: by paprika
Last Reply: by paprika
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"Heya.Anyone in sydney up for a spin tomorrow(sunday the 20th)?, im heading down to Bicentenial Park about 1-2pm.Will be meeting up with ReivaX , and thought...hmmm the more the merrier ..."
Posted: by Firebender
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"Hi,Are people still poiing out at Trout lake in Vancouver on Wednesday and Sunday evenings?If so what time? I went out to Trout lake yesterday (Sunday) and didn't see anyone there from ..."
Posted: by ginisfluff
Last Reply: by matthew adams
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"Can't seem to get any reply from Colchester butterfingers juggling group, So have decided to set up my own group for lovers of poi, staff, juggling, devil sticks, diablo etc.If you're i..."
Posted: by limmy
Last Reply: by LillyN
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"hello all i looking for some fellow poi spinners in the loughborough area that i can spin with and also learn from . Is there any groups who meet around this area im also willing to tra..."
Posted: by paprika
Last Reply: by paprika
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"Greetings and salutations Ive just moved back to Australia after awhile away in Edinburgh with a new found passion for.. all things Firey,spinny,juggley and generally manipulatey!As suc..."
Posted: by fire.chef
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"Hi all, i'm planning to do a trip around America for three months on a motorbike i'll be starting in ft. laurderdale florida as i have family there. but i will only be staying there unt..."
Posted: by PavlovsDog
Last Reply: by PavlovsDog
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"Are there any spinners, jugglers, etc on here from Fareham/nearby (Portchester, Portsmouth, Southampton, Gosport, etc), or any kind of meets that happen with a degree of regularity arou..."
Posted: by xero
Last Reply: by PhoenixChickPK
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"Looking for some Staff/poi/all else spinners out here Beginner /novice/advanced whatever doesn't matter to me just as long as you don't dick aroundI would love for someone who can help ..."
Posted: by tanis8928
Last Reply: by Mucky
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"Hey out there in poi land, I am a spinner in northeasstern PA and i am looking for more spinners to start up a poi group. I am willing to teach what i know and in the process hope to le..."
Posted: by boopoi
Last Reply: by dnc
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"Does anyone ever meet up in or around Suffolk? I've done a search but nothing really helped me. Nothing ever happens in this neck of the woods, so boring.... "
Posted: by Lucati
Last Reply: by socrates1
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"Hello out there.............anyone from Switzerland around or travelling through Switzerland soon....?Cheers from Zrich"
Posted: by NOn
Last Reply: by socrates1
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"Zdravo!Here is a thread for slovenian folk who spin poi! I am just a temporary invader but i know there's more of you out there, so here is a place to arrange meets and chat and whatev..."
Posted: by socrates1
Last Reply: by socrates1
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"Hi folks, I have ended my internship here in budapest and am planning to visit parts of western europe for the next month or so and I would absolutely love to meet some spinners while ..."
Posted: by mattfreedman
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"Hey fire friends,I'm an American spinner traveling around the globe in search of adventure, meaningful connections and opportunities to perform or practice with other flow artists. I h..."
Posted: by ana_banana
Last Reply: by rexsempai
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"hi. i've just moved to tokyo and am looking for people to spin with i was at yoyogi park last weekend and it was a lot of fun. the japanese are amazing with poi and i learned a lot con..."
Posted: by rdf
Last Reply: by _Clare_
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"Anyone know of anywhere in Belfast where I can learn how to Poi??I am a beginner, but I can do a few things...Thanks :):)"
Posted: by redsarah
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"RedSarah's poi Classesfeel free to get in touch .i have over 12 years experience.x x x "
Posted: by Bdub
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"Hey Everybody! I have been spinning for a year and a half now and I want to make some new friends! I live in jacksonville florida and hope to meet or make new poi friends. YYeah, make p..."
Posted: by ReivaX
Last Reply: by gita
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"Hey! i'm in Surfers Paradise untill the 10th of July and i would LOVE to meet some spinners to have some fun! let me know!Cheers "
Posted: by lepidoptera
Last Reply: by kreso
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"hej people, please let me know if anyone here is from croatia....dont know what ales to say....just let us know...few of us are interested in meeting with others from cr. to and "
Posted: by the_mods_stole_my_name
Last Reply: by hamamelis
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"Right you loverley HoPpers, I'm looking for suggestions for places to visit and possibly some crash space for a week or so in September/October. I have transport, so anywhere in Englan..."
Posted: by ReivaX
Last Reply: by ReivaX
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"Hello, My name is Xavier, i'm going in brisbane in 2 weeks, and on the way back to perth, i'll stay in sydney. Although, i don' know if i'm going back to Perth.I'm looking for some spin..."
Posted: by fee fairy
Last Reply: by redsarah
Views: 1978    Replies: 13
"HelloI've done a search, and unless i've gone completely wrong somewhere and missed something major, i can't find anything on groups in Essex, UK. I live near Stansted Airport, and i'm ..."
Posted: by timereth
Last Reply: by Mucky
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"Browsing through the other threads and realised I didn't see any of them for Pennsylvania. Anyone around in that area? I'm from pittsburgh, looking into learning fire dancing, so if yo..."
Posted: by Bekar
Last Reply: by Bekar
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"Hello, Friends!!! Paraphrasing the "Pink Floyd" song, "Hello! Is there anybody Spin there? "Sorry for my scrappy english... I'm a leader of the Fire and Open Air Medieval Theatre fro..."
Posted: by Kexiebee
Last Reply: by steaks
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"Hey everyone,I have been studying in Preston at University and have just come home to Darwen for the Summer... I was trying to find out if there were any spinners in the Blackburn area,..."
Posted: by pyromania
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"Any one else in here from tassi?"
Posted: by apohodich
Last Reply: by socrates1
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"I was just wondering if there are any spinners in Budapest that would like to get together? I am from the US, but I will be staying here until August....."
Posted: by Shu
Last Reply: by aston
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"Hey hey...If anyone out there happens to be passing buy Pietermaritzburg...A couple of us get together to play with toyz and stuff...wanna join us...lemme know!"
Posted: by the_lpman
Last Reply: by Carole
Views: 856    Replies: 1
"hey guys, well i havent done poi for a long time but i'd love to get back to it. as i don't know anyone around who is interested... maybe there are some people in or around luxembour..."
Posted: by Mr Majestik
Last Reply: by Brenn
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"hooray! i'm coming to the uk and europe for a month from june 21 to july 20 ! only downside is i'll be with my mum for most of the time haha. no it will we good! we're doing a short bu..."
Posted: by Tinmans heart
Last Reply: by Axe
Views: 3148    Replies: 11
"Hey Hey!Just shouting out to all you guys in Nottingahm! If any one poi's, does diabolo, staff or devil sticks get in touch! "
Posted: by Tabatha
Views: 495    Replies: 0
"Hey guys I'm sure most of you have never heard of Quiman but I was hoping ya'll could come down to Tyler or Quitman and maybe set up a show I can help hoply and help me relearn some mov..."
Posted: by jezebelburns
Last Reply: by fNi
Views: 859    Replies: 1
"Hi! I'm a new yorker and I'm interested in taking beginner poi classes. Does anyone have any suggestions?Thanks!"
Posted: by anarchy2
Last Reply: by Brenn
Views: 1017    Replies: 4
"im new and looking for a group in Doncaster or Box Hill that can show me some stuff,, If any1 knows about a group in that area plz e-mail me,, or post the stuff her mustang__21@hotmail...."
Posted: by
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Hey every1, was jus lookin 2 know is there newer in brisbane wer i can go and learn 2 spin poi, ive jus arrived from ireland and wud love to get 2 no and meet other poi spinners, hope s..."
Posted: by gubster
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"Calling all spinners in birmingham. I have just started to spin, i know a few ( very) basic moves and at the moment my best move is creating a tangled poi and brsing myself, anywaysss i..."
Posted: by MMel
Last Reply: by gubster
Views: 725    Replies: 2
"Hi All,I'm fairly new to poi having bought a set whilst backpacking around Australia and New Zealand. I've had a play with them and can do some VERY basic moves but would love to learn ..."
Posted: by GrooveRider
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"Looking for spinners! Hit me up.For everyone else, where you spinning on Canada Day?"
Posted: by filthy 23
Last Reply: by pacoavendano
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"Hello,Anyone in Mexico?I'm going from July 1 - 15th 2005IM me if you know where all the poi action is!Hola, Cualquiera en Mxico? Voy de julio 1 - 15 2005 IM m si usted sabe donde t..."
Posted: by oberthewhat
Last Reply: by oberthewhat
Views: 1154    Replies: 2
"Hey everyone. My buddy and I are looking for some people to spin poi with in the Austin area. We have both been spinning fire for a couple months now, but have had plenty of practice wi..."
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