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Forums > Meet Others > Looking for mentor/teacher/spinning buddy in San Diego

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Member Since: 27th Jun 2008
Total posts: 3
Posted:Looking for some Staff/poi/all else spinners out here Beginner /novice/advanced whatever doesn't matter to me just as long as you don't dick around

I would love for someone who can help guide my learning.

Well my name is Tyler and I'm in east county.
Post on here or pm me I'll check both

Location: San Diego, California
Member Since: 4th Jul 2008
Total posts: 6
Posted:Well Im in San Diego but Im leaving for vacation in a few days for 3 weeks but when I get back maybe we could talk.

Im not very good compared to most people on here but I learn fast when I have someone to show me and we could bounce ideas off of each other. I've been looking to start a fire/poi gathering for a while but didnt know how to go about it since Im not self relent on transportation yet. (but should be in about 6 months)

Hi my names Patricia im 16 and have been spinning poi on and off for about a year juggle

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