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Posted:Hey, thanks for looking. im still kinda new to this, and i figure working with others will allow em to advance better then videos can :P. so if anyone knows of anything poi related in the area drop me a line.

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Posted:Hello!!! I'm a fire twirler right in the GTA. I'm new to poi but I'm kind of a staff master...lol....i've been spinning a staff for 8 years and love it.

Anyways, I'm trying to put together a troupe and maybe some classes as well, drop me a line soon...



Posted:PM sent





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Posted:Hi we meet every Saturday morning at Ashbridges Bay in the Beaches and also Sunday evenings. We meet near Luety life station. You can just show up or pm me or follow the site below.
Sometime we also meet at Christie pits.



Posted:FlyingPoiGuy thank you soo much for the tip, im swamped the next two weekends with work, but the following id love to come down and check it out. gonna browse the site and ill pm you the week before i plan on coming out. thanks again


Posted:FlyingPoiGuy im gonna be heading down tonight, hope i can find you guys


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