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timerethBRONZE Member
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Location: USA

Browsing through the other threads and realised I didn't see any of them for Pennsylvania. Anyone around in that area?

I'm from pittsburgh, looking into learning fire dancing, so if you know any instructors around that area you can let me know. ^_^

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Location: Pittsburgh , PA

im from Pittsburgh, about 25 minutes from the city. send me a PM if your interested in meeting up. im always at raves and i dont do fire, but i do glow poi

socrates1BRONZE Member
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Location: upstate NY, USA

there are a few poi folk at allegheny college, none of us too experienced but during the school yearlet us know and drop by on a weekend if it pleases you.

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kithGOLD Member
Object Manipulation Student
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Location: Pennsylvania, USA

yo, I live in philly, and have two places to actually burn at, one in philly, one outside up in quakertown (near allentown). This post was a calling to people in/around pittsburgh, but widening to the scope to include all of pa required a response smile

so like I said, I live in philly. If you(or anyone else) find yourself coming up this way, give me a shout out, and we'll set something up. I'm always looking for new people to spin with/learn with, and I have a few people that are close friends of mine that I spin with in the area.

I check the forums on a weeklyish/bi-weeklyish basis, so if you drop me a pm it could take up to two weeks for me to get back to ya, just don't think i'm ignoring you.

Hope you find an excuse to come to philly

MuckySILVER Member
Rum-Swilling Combustioneer
227 posts
Location: Macungie, PA, USA

Hey where do you burn in Quakertown, Kith? I'll send you a PM (unlike you I compulsively check every medium I have at my disposal in case somebody, somewhere, has something to say to me smile).

My "crew" is in the Lehigh Valley, so anybody happening to be around otter shoot me a PM... I say crew, but we're all rank noobs. Still, we do burns once or twice a fortnight at my place, but we're trying to find a bigger area since my yard isn't especially accomodating.

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