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hi. i've just moved to tokyo and am looking for people to spin with weavesmiley

i was at yoyogi park last weekend and it was a lot of fun. the japanese are amazing with poi and i learned a lot considering i don't speak japanese!

i was wondering if there was anyone out there in tokyo does poi and is an english speaker.

ana ubbrollsmile

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I was in Tokyo 2 yrs ago.... Cant help much, but this might:


enlish = "I dont understand"

and this:

'eigo de' (the 'ei' is pronounced like an "eh"sound)

="In english"

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Hey I'm looking for a spinning buddy here in japan. I live over in hachioji so it's about 50 miniutes from yoyogi. Yes I do speak english if you are wondering about that.
I've been here for about 3 months now but haven't luck finding spinning friends. If you want contact me cause it's getting boring spinning by myself.

this is my cell address, and usually the easiest way to contact me

or try my e-mail

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I will be in Tokyo from the 16th-29th roughly for the Taiko festival, and would love to meet any other spinners during that time!

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