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Hope to see some Perth people out there on Sunday night.

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Posted:Hey Just checking if this gathering is still on on sundays nights or if there are any others going on in freo????? love to meet up sometime.


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Posted:hello medusa, i am just starting my travels of oz at perth at the end of oct and was wondering if we could meet up for a spin if this is a weekly thing if so my email is thanks x


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Posted:perth board
Is a good place to go to see what meets are happening

Medusa isnt on here as much as she was but the guys still wander down to Freo a bit on a Sunday evening. Another casual meet in Scarborough Friday nights and Hyde Park in North Perth is still a regular meet on Tuesday nights from 8.30.
Summer means monthly meets on the South Perth Foreshore as well

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Posted:is this still on?


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