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Posted: by 888
Last Reply: by 888
Views: 1223    Replies: 2
"i will be in italy in 3 weeks 21/01/06 to 2/02/06 neer venice.. it will be nice to see some spinner.. if there is and i also go on a tour in toscana in july for 1 month i ll go to vinc..."
Posted: by 4LeafClover
Last Reply: by William_Riach
Views: 1309    Replies: 5
"I am looking for any spinners in southern Ontario, not big towns like Toronto. Specifically a small town named "Chatham" Our anyone who visits here on a regular basis, it is a..."
Posted: by 888
Last Reply: by natasqi
Views: 488    Replies: 1
"Hello all !!I m looking foward to go in africa (Kenya, tanzania and madagascar) this winter (jan and feb)... is there poi peuple or events to poiticipate there?a kilimandjaro spin could..."
Posted: by arictocRAT
Last Reply: by NathanielEverist
Views: 1149    Replies: 10
"i thinking .. melbourne needs a push .. and i can't go to edinburgh gardens koz i work evening shift .. so i saying where and when i practice if others want to join me.saturday night tw..."
Posted: by Kanzie
Views: 582    Replies: 0
"Hi everyone!I just moved in from Sweden and looking for the spinning-scene in San Diego and vicinity. So far I haven't even seen a pair of poi and this worries me? If the scene is dead ..."
Posted: by natasqi
Last Reply: by Dentrassi
Views: 898    Replies: 5
"Hey All.It's a way off, but it always helps to be organised!Jedly and I are off for >3months on our holidays.It involves flying from Perth to Mauritius, then to Nairobi where we will..."
Posted: by munchkin13
Last Reply: by Motley
Views: 391    Replies: 2
"Hi, I'm from England and am hopefully moving to Berlin at the end of the summer. I have been to the Play Festival for the last 3 years, so know basic poi and staff moves. I was wonder..."
Posted: by light_spinr
Views: 328    Replies: 0
"HI everyone, i recently got back into poi and all my other fun activities. i poi, spin staff and im working on contact juggling and normal juggling. i wanted to know if there is anyone ..."
Posted: by Richee
Views: 583    Replies: 0
"Hi,I have a twin Michal and he's going 26-27.11.08 to London.If anyone could give hime one night spare,or cheep decent one night stand info.It, would be really appreciated.He is is like..."
Posted: by Barnaby
Views: 314    Replies: 0
"HiI recently bought myself some fire fans and would also like to take up fire staff BUT am a complete novice to fire and would like to find someone or a group to practise with on a semi..."
Posted: by chemigals
Views: 474    Replies: 0
"Just thought I would update you all as the old thread has disapeared!!Anyone in or around the worcester area ??If so get your arses to Worcester circus club @ the green centrePoi juggli..."
Posted: by Amitrix
Last Reply: by Amitrix
Views: 985    Replies: 2
"Hey hey,I'm a spinner from Israel.Going to Amsterdam for two weeks at 10/10/08.Anyone living/visiting/spinning there? =)"
Posted: by Laethe
Last Reply: by Laethe
Views: 1726    Replies: 3
"Hi everyone, I am going to live in Fuzou, Fujian, China and would simply love to meet any twirlers from the area.I basically do fire fans and orb, but am willing to start with ropedart,..."
Posted: by Styxx
Last Reply: by flyingpenguinni
Views: 812    Replies: 3
"Hello!Firstly, sorry that this isn't an original thread. I did a search for Oxford people threads and there were a few, but none less than a year old. Having spent way too long on the I..."
Posted: by JavierSalinas
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 922    Replies: 5
"Hey, I just moved to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, and I'd like to meet spinners around the area, is there a big community here? where do you practice? Well really looking forward to..."
Posted: by philhews
Last Reply: by philhews
Views: 601    Replies: 6
"So I live near Swindon and I work in Hungerford and was wondering if any of you fine people are anywhere near these places for some good old fashioned spinning?Be it evenings or weekend..."
Posted: by meow_towel
Views: 391    Replies: 0
"if there is anyone from south dakota, spacifcally in or around aberdeen, lemme know, cause im the only one i know of who spins poi.and it makes me sad panda :&lbr;"
Posted: by Katherine_Tomlinson
Views: 255    Replies: 0
"So I know there were a good amount of posts made about fire spinners in Portland OR, but all of the ones I checked were super old. I'm also aware that one can meet fire spinners at the ..."
Posted: by raven_synergypoigal
Views: 371    Replies: 0
"Heya,My names Raven.Basic story.. I've just started my BA Ceative Expressive Therapies at Derby Uni and am on the hunt for local spinners and general circusy people!I found a club calle..."
Posted: by JtJ
Last Reply: by philhews
Views: 53759    Replies: 172
"So here it is: The Official Swindon Juggling and Circus Skills Club thread!And to start it: Next Tuesday we have our Christmas party! WOO!"
Posted: by Bernie_Flame
Last Reply: by dnc
Views: 6831    Replies: 38
"We are starting a Poi movement in Norwich! Myself and Theo AKA 'dirty hippy' will be at the Castle Gardens @1pm saturday March 31st; spinning and offering some friendly advice to spinne..."
Posted: by CalgaryRaver
Last Reply: by CalgaryRaver
Views: 374    Replies: 1
"Looking for people to get together with and spin! I spin staff, poorly, and have dabbled in poi. Right now I jog to Mount Royal station (community hall) and spin staff in the nice littl..."
Posted: by pineapple pete
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
Views: 663    Replies: 2
"hello Hong Kong!I am going to be spending a few days in hong kong. i believe its 3-4 days that i will be there. Im just wondering (although it might be a small chance) whether there are..."
Posted: by meshunderlay
Views: 651    Replies: 0
"Hey there everyone.As the title of this here post says, I'm bored. Ok, to be more specific, bored of watching videos online and then practicing in my room or the park alone.I have hit u..."
Posted: by The_Real_Sean_A
Views: 472    Replies: 0
"Hey, whats up every one... I was just woundering if anyone one here is from or near Fort Myers Florida. If So hit me up if you want to get together some time.The Real Sean A "
Posted: by pricklyleaf
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 3233    Replies: 21
"Hello <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />To add to the increasing number of UK spinners invading the world (from which I am making Manc..."
Posted: by crazypete
Last Reply: by Mr_Joe
Views: 2046    Replies: 6
"Hey ppl! id like to meet up wid local spinners.share tips n tricks, an teach an learn! i did see a thread for hereford n worcester ppl but its ages old an i wanted to get a bit more up ..."
Posted: by pineapple pete
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
Views: 1402    Replies: 14
"hey there everyoneits starting to get exceedingly close to that time where ive gotta leave the upper hemisphere and start my trek back home.. before i get to melbourne however, ill be m..."
Posted: by djCoiPow
Views: 510    Replies: 0
"heyJust Want To Know Whether i can go watch some cool fire shows to get some inspiration for new tricks etc..lv carl"
Posted: by mattfreedman
Last Reply: by LookThisChanges
Views: 515    Replies: 1
"I am spinner traveling through Europe as part of an extended journey around the world in search of adventures, personal growth, and new poi moves. Over the past year, I have participat..."
Posted: by vyvyan
Views: 564    Replies: 0
"FireWorks Dance Company is looking for a few good pyro men and/or women for some upcoming Sydney gigs. If youre insured, professional, versatile, well costumed and well experienced plea..."
Posted: by deadkenndys1105
Last Reply: by deadkenndys1105
Views: 763    Replies: 5
"Are there any spinner in Michigan or Illinois? I live in Michigan but im moving to Illinois for school in a few months. I live in Sterling Heights (30 minutes south of Detroit.) Im go..."
Posted: by _pOp_
Last Reply: by Jareth
Views: 21779    Replies: 75
"Hello everybody to the most comprehensive dutch spinners list on HoP... This list is for those who live in Holland and are looking for spinners in the area, because most of us don't se..."
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
Views: 1341    Replies: 9
"just wondering whos from bristol??i live in totterdown and have been thinking about finding some peeps who are in to there chains or whatever to meet up with.i saw that there are a few ..."
Posted: by BastdardChiLd
Last Reply: by Zach_B
Views: 596    Replies: 1
"Hello peaches i just moved back hre and in doing so lost my group of spinners and my teacher looking for ppl to spin with...safe spinning to u all!!!! "
Posted: by katie640
Views: 350    Replies: 0
" i want to meet some new people who spin can anyone help me/??"
Posted: by shocked_prawn
Views: 280    Replies: 0
"so im moving off to go to sunderland uni in 3 weeks, does anyone know of any spinners, or meets in my new area? "
Posted: by willyzas
Views: 412    Replies: 0
"Hola soy de Madrid,tengo 16 aos y estoy buscando malabaristas o spinners con los que poder quedar para hacer malabares, intercambiar consejos, trucos...Mi direccion de correo es: porsc..."
Posted: by TiffX
Views: 283    Replies: 0
"Hi there!Forgive me if i have posted this in the wrong place!I am moving to bristol in the next couple of months and i am extremely interested in getting involved with some other poi/ci..."
Posted: by CPlater1
Views: 296    Replies: 0
"Hi everyone.This September I am starting at the University of Cumbria, Penrith Campus, and I was wondering if there are any groups/fellow spinners up there.I am taking my juggling stuff..."
Posted: by Soverntear
Last Reply: by Soverntear
Views: 794    Replies: 5
"Hey, thanks for looking. im still kinda new to this, and i figure working with others will allow em to advance better then videos can :P. so if anyone knows of anything poi related in ..."
Posted: by feuerfloh
Views: 253    Replies: 0
"Fire performers of Manchester... I know you are there!!! I've seen you already!!I'm new in Manchester and I would like to meet some people here to make friends with and to share my pass..."
Posted: by Twinklebitsthefairy
Last Reply: by stellazzz
Views: 769    Replies: 3
"I'm very new to poi! I want to find a poi group in Birmingham with people to teach me new things? Is anyone out there?"
Posted: by Garry
Last Reply: by munchkin13
Views: 1328    Replies: 6
"Heya,I have just arrived in Berlin for the next 2 months. I'm living in Friedrichshain. As I cannot speak any German, finding spinners may be difficult. Can anyone clue me in? I need ..."
Posted: by morethanjustapub
Last Reply: by solar_bear
Views: 863    Replies: 3
"Hiya Everyone,I work for a pub in Bucks and am desperate for a fire performer or performers willing to perform at the pub I manage during a Thai Ful Moon Party. I can of course pay and ..."
Posted: by LSK
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1326    Replies: 9
"Hey, Ok, so I'm not exactly a regular poster here, but I've been a member for a while and actually met a few pretty damn cool people through the HOP community so I figured I'd mention m..."
Posted: by j4m35poi
Last Reply: by katie640
Views: 948    Replies: 4
" Ok. heres the thing... i wanna meet spinners around exeter best way to do this i figure is to throw a "Juggle rave". so anyone who spins fire, juggles or whatever around exeter, Devon ..."
Posted: by Arne
Views: 465    Replies: 0
"Hi,I'm Arne, a spiner from the netherlands and I was wondering if there where any spiners near my holiday location in romania (tirgu mures) i'll be here for the next 3 weeks and i'd lov..."
Posted: by talkum
Views: 355    Replies: 0
"Hi, my name is Erlend and I've been jugling for about two and a half years. I have mostly been playing around with my devil sticks, i started with poi about half a year ago. I by far pr..."
Posted: by SpunInTx
Last Reply: by Kaze
Views: 1346    Replies: 5
"Been spinning for a couple years but I don't know anyone else who does. Looking for some folks to get together in Dallas to let it fly.I have a pretty big space near downtown Dallas th..."
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