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fee fairyfee fairynewbie
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Location: Nr London, UK


I've done a search, and unless i've gone completely wrong somewhere and missed something major, i can't find anything on groups in Essex, UK.

I live near Stansted Airport, and i'm considering visiting some of the groups in London, but that's costly over a few weeks. I'd really like to find a group near here that i can go to. I'm looking for a group who twirl poi, and fire poi, and do other circus skills as well ideally (sorry if that's offensive: poi as circus skills). I want to learn more. i can do some basic moves with the poi, but because i live out in the sticks, there's no-one around here that i can watch and learn from.

Sorry if there's some glaringly obvious part of the site that i've missed. And thankyou for the help!


colemancolemanSILVER Member
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Location: lunn dunn, yoo kay, United Kingdom

i live in harlow smile

but i honestly don't really play much near home nowdays.

however, spitalfields is at the bottom of our trainline (and just round the corner from where i work) so yoo should try and get down there if you can.

the good thing about spitz is that there are enough wicked spinners there to learn from that you can come down and get lots and lots of things to take home and work on.

if you're lucky you might even catch a teaching session type workshop thing there.

i would have replied to your message in the spitz thread but i'm off to glastonbury this week so i doubt i'll be down there either tomorrow or next week.

but if you're still in need of an escort/friendly face to go to spitz with in a couple of weeks time, just send me a pm and let me know smile

happy spinning.


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A Meerkat that eats chicken
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Location: Cambridge UK

Dont know if your near Hitchin at all there is this bloke who has a meet with all sorts

I live near Cambridge

flidflidBRONZE Member
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Location: Warwickshire, United Kingdom

i concur with cole, I've been living in Colchester for the past 4 years, and I just go down to London stuff. I generally don't go to mid week things like Spitz, but for all day stuff like Clapham on Sundays it's worth the trek

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Location: Stevenage

there's a diablo dan in hitchin too and a circus meet every thursday night at Club85, they do any trick you can find, they're willing to teach and learn

And at Club 85 this friday No Comply are playing so if you're near, go see them! They rawk my socks off

Unfortunately I work thurs eve which sucks bum flaps.

Monkeys monkeys and bananas

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Location: Stevenage

But essex is a tad bit further away than Hitchin...

Monkeys monkeys and bananas

fee fairyfee fairynewbie
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Location: Nr London, UK

i'm miles away from Hitchin!

I think i'm going to go to Spitz. I shall be going not next tuesday, but the tuesday after (i'm going to see Alice Cooper on Sunday, so i'll have to save up again!)

Thanks for all your help, it is much appreciated!

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Location: Essex

Hey I live near Stansted, and I work in Harlow....

How about we meet at my house warming tomorrow night??

I am between takely and hatfield broad oak,

I have also posted on the clappam thread as well, so if u are in the area let me know and I will give u directions

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ginisfluffBRONZE Member
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Location: United Kingdom

Can't seem to get any reply from the Colchester butterfingers poi group, So have decided to set up my own group for lovers of poi, staff, juggling, devil sticks, diablo etc.

If you're in essex and interested in meeting up with others, then take a lookey at

Am hoping to start regular meetings (if there is enough interest), possibly in chelmsford as it is quite central, although it depends on where most people are located.

anyways would be good to hear from any 'firestarters' in essex.


dani_babyboodani_babybooSILVER Member
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Location: Cannock, staffordshire, United Kingdom

im in essex used to live in harlow now im in loughton which is on the edge of london near harlow

cant get to chelmsford though that would be mighty missions clapham easier to get to for me or harlow

whats spitz all about and where?

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jemima (jem)jemima (jem)SILVER Member
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Location: london, United Kingdom

I work in Harlow...

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Winged AvengerWinged AvengerSILVER Member
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Location: Colchester, England (UK)


The Butterfingers group have fallen by the wayside i'm afraid and they haven't updated any info.

Some of us meet on irregular Tuesday in lower Catle Park, Colchester but you keep up to date here ...

Sorry - I have re-visited HoP for a while. There did used to be a juggling club which met in Chelmsford on Thursdays too if you're in that area.

Hope to catch up soon!

Karen x

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matthew adamsSILVER Member
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Location: United Kingdom

Hey i LIve in Chelmsford/Broomfield, and i might do some fire spinning at events like:
Chelmer Valley High School Fireworks
Danbury Fireworks can other things

It is good to know some is in essex that is on HOP.


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redsarahredsarahPLATINUM Member
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Location: United Kingdom

i live on the essex border in walthamstow and would be happy to start a class up here if it would interest people

x x


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