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Posted: by emthren
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Seems the first total fire ban of the season has been set already. The current one is in force on the Sydney Metropolitan district (amoungst others) from midnight Monday (29/10) to midn..."
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
Last Reply: by JeStEr
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"How is Australia for adventure recreation. I might be going to school down there."
Posted: by TheCleaner
Last Reply: by Firefairy
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"I have an hour drive to and from work, affording me two hours too many of thinking time. Every once in a great while a feeling of impending doom starts to shape the path of those thoug..."
Posted: by Katinca
Last Reply: by Q
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"Anyone got any good ways of relieveing these uges other then killing someone or breaking something. I don't feel like wrecking my house today or killing my Nextdoor Neighbour.I would li..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Blackbird
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"Last night I learned my lesson on the speed of the music dictating the style of spinning... I'd recently been playing with shorter and lighter poi (which, of course, spin much faster) ..."
Posted: by N8
Last Reply: by rangerbethany
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"Ok, maybe not so much.But in the continuation of my bizzare intrest in what makes other people tick here's another one of those 'off topic questions' that many of us seem to enjoy. I w..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Reese
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"hey all, i am new at this, but wanted to know if anyone wanted to post their aim or yahoo mes. screen name, and get like big list of people, who we all can talk to...well, taa taa for n..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"I have had some trouble with my computer video card but have managed to make a couple of videos (seen on the main page next to winners of video competition)They are streaming Windows me..."
Posted: by night_creeper
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"I just started a chatroom on aol under Arts and entertainment simply listed as poi if anyone would like to join me.------------------Blessed Be"
Posted: by space cadet
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"I searched and didn't find anything, so forgive me if this has been discussed before-But what do you do when you're stuck?I have really cut down on the amount of time I spin lately, i t..."
Posted: by alleykat
Last Reply: by RavingLunatic
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"So billionaire Mike Bloomberg won the New York City Mayoral race. He spent over $50 million dollars on his campaign, which is $45 million more than his opponent, and enough money to fe..."
Posted: by earthdreamer
Last Reply: by NYC
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"i went to vote today and saw on the ballot paper the Free Marijuana Prohibition party...nice i hope they get into government!!!"
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"Everyday I get people who write to at least one of my three email accounts wanting to know how to do things or wanting information because they are writing papers, etc....I ***never*** ..."
Posted: by Knagi
Last Reply: by Charly
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"I'm looking for information for doing a full body burn. Anything you guys can tell me would help."
Posted: by Jangla
Last Reply: by Bendy
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"Was out in the garden having a burn last night and after about 20 mins decided it was getting too cold to continue so I stepped back inside.Later on, watching TV and the nasty habit of ..."
Posted: by beaker
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"did anyone see the austrailian girl with the poi and double staff?She's pretty good.dont ya think??"
Posted: by Whiffle Squeek
Last Reply: by Auger282
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"argh, it was at my homecoming dance a couple weeks ago, and me and Hitokage are like the sole twirlers at our school, and the dj had just put on the first techno song of the night that ..."
Posted: by Itsgottab
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"as for this being a PC page why is it that some peoples grammer gets hassled. as a dsylexic i find it personally offencive that you seem to take pleasure in laughing at someone elses su..."
Posted: by Katinca
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"Hey all...This has nothing to do with poi, I just need some advice...As it is getting warmer here, in the land of down under. Ants have decided that out house is a pretty cool place to ..."
Posted: by Dm
Last Reply: by N8
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"In Queens, hope everyone is OK."
Posted: by pr!m@te
Last Reply: by Thistle
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"Boring!!! I'm tired of people telling me how great it is "...down the beach..." at the moment. The northern hemisphere is approaching winter and there isn't usually enough ceiling space..."
Posted: by Itsgottab
Last Reply: by Pele'sWhippingBoy
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"malcom how about suppling a straps, string and swilves with a clip product, for the glow stick kids."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by xaeda
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"Many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are now swiftly approaching winter which means hellaciously cold temperatures, shoulder deep drifts of snow and darkness that seems to never end. I..."
Posted: by bouncy
Last Reply: by Rolph
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"hey all!!!im a british traveller and fire twirler!! im trying to get a meet up with some other people in Melbourne, and have a laugh and a bit of a burn.!!i use poi and single staff alt..."
Posted: by Firefairy
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"I have noticed that, on this politically correct board, that there is an intolerence to sexism and racism. (and rightly so)However, as I am at a 'sensitive' age I tend to notice that t..."
Posted: by poiwonder
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
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"Does anyone else have a problem with learning moves so fast that all you have time for is poi. I learn at least 2 moves a day. I practice at least 3 hours a day, and can only think ab..."
Posted: by bubblez
Last Reply: by Whiffle Squeek
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"i can finally do the behind the back butter flie w0o0o ho0o0 im gettin there------------------ITS NOT WHAT U KNOW, ITS WHAT U CAN PROVE......"
Posted: by bubblez
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"hey malcom.. do u have ne personal poi vidios roaming around here?????------------------ITS NOT WHAT U KNOW, ITS WHAT U CAN PROVE......"
Posted: by [({PoiToi})]
Last Reply: by mobygina
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"Hey we have this college talent night nexy tuesday and i'm scheduled to burn. I'm really excited as i have been spinning for about 6 months and this is my first 'real' performance. but ..."
Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by Itsgottab
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"Please join me in welcoming Josh as the newest moderator to the Board.Josh will be diplomatically and intelligently looking after our Technical Discussion, Poi Moves and Staff Moves for..."
Posted: by Albino Hawaiian
Last Reply: by bibilix
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"Hey all.. i've been lurking on these boards for quite some time.. and i love reading about all your stories about fire poi... it has always been a dream of mine to someday twirl with..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by NYC
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"that sucked, i had some kind of block on my computer at work that wouldn't allow me to check my favorite web site. well, some how some way i can get back here again, dont know how long..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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"What you ppl think of it???i think it sucksOn the tourny its running here now the crowd are the judges now i find it really unfair...i remenber last monday some guys spin there and one ..."
Posted: by disco mandy
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"Hi, i'm travelling on my own through south east asia, in thailand at the moment + wondering if anyone else is and wants to hook up. I was on Koh Pha Ngan for the last full moon party + ..."
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"What in the world has happened?????????Ive only not been here for 2 weeks and everyone that used to be here seems to have gone.?!?!?!?!?!Wheres the long winded threads by Pele, and the ..."
Posted: by PyroSphere
Last Reply: by RavingLunatic
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"Alright now I am calling out all the players.......who is sending in their footage for the new compilation video competition thing? just wonderring what I am going up"
Posted: by bubblez
Last Reply: by Charles
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"iight heres tha low down.... me n some of my fellow poiers have made a vidio on a the question i pose to all of ya is.... can i get tha taped version onto the computer a..."
Posted: by Ignis Devoco
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"What is the easiest and most cost effective way to make your video's accessible to everyone???If you know the answer..please be detailed in "How to"...will forward it on to my husband A..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Thistle
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"With the addition of the staff moves section I decided to go through and do some housekeeping. I didn't delete anything but I moved alot around (including topics that weren't staff but ..."
Posted: by Naganootch
Last Reply: by bubblez
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"Sunday is my and my GFs 2 month anniversary.We are going out on friday to celebrate early. BUUTTTT the thing is , i really can not think of anything romantic to do. This girl likes to g..."
Posted: by NYC
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"Oh my god I'm SO frigging busy I haven't had time to catch up on my HOP threads in ages...Sorry if I missed anyone's insults or zingers aimed at me... Just wanted to post that I got a ..."
Posted: by rangerbethany
Last Reply: by Katinca
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"hey guysi found a few more questions for everyone if you answer, i'll tell you what they mean later.... heeheehee *evilly rubbing hands together*now question #1.your favourite shape out..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by Charles
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"Please note the rulesNo personal attacks.This is not a personal chat site. Please do not make personal posts to individuals on the board. Use email or ICQ instead. This forum is for eve..."
Posted: by Tlight
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"Hi all, well ive been using some socks to keep the kevlar clean but when i took them off because they are totally mashed up after a holiday of constant spinning, i have got used to the ..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Charles
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"I am currently in boot camp hell for actors. I am also revamping my fire Ren show.Because of this I have been watching everything with a critical eye....other Ren Performers, Cirque sho..."
Posted: by GoaFire
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"hellloooooooooooooo im just wondering if anybody could tell me of a pure psy trance night held in sheffield i know of one but dont know when or where it and a few friends from ..."
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
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"Does Anybody listen to Oyster Head, or phish.I love techno and trance but these guys are just good."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by Superman
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"Tonight is of course Halloween here in the States, and it is the first full moon in 46 yrs on Halloween.SO tonight me and my friend Hanna are going to go slam a few beers at the local b..."
Posted: by Mark P
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"Hi Dizzy,Saw your post on the UK spinners thread directed at Ithaca. There is a group of us that meet up every Sunday for some fire action and it dosent take too much to persuade us to..."
Posted: by HappySticker
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"as a general site idea i think it would be cool to post a blank lesson form in HTML thatway people could download it, modify it with frontpage etc, sent it to malcolm, he could look it ..."