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Posted:from what i have read i seem to understand that there is no real way to do liquid. just feel and flow with the music. and stuff like breakdancing, and poi, ect... have basic moves and styles that you can learn right? how did every liquid dancer start out then? made up thier own basic moves and practiced that? so if someone picks up glowsticks and start dancing in some crazy way, they are considered a liquid dancer? the only 2 practice move that people have posted was holding my hands together and curling finger tips and the figure 8. i thank them because i have 2 things to practice now. is there any other basic moves that someone can show me so that i can practice some more, then from thier make my own style. i hope so cause my computer is way to old and slow to watch videos on.thanks
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little one


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Posted:My friend is an amazing liquid dancer. He does it without even thinking about it. I really don't know how. But then he's been training in dance since he was 2 so he has an advantage over us mere mortals.....------------------C@ntus

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Posted:The basics of Liquid is the wavetype motions you make with your hands connected at the fingertips. That is, your hands kind of play follow the leader through different planes and directions arround your body. Once you can get that, the rest is mostly improv.------------------'There is a fist pressing against anyone who thinks something compelling'

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Location: Rock Bottom, MD
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Posted:just wandering "in your opinion", when i practice should i try moving my wrist more and try to keep my elbows still. or does it really not matter? "in your opinion"thankslittle one

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Posted:hey little one. have you seen that new alien ant farm video? the re-make of annie are you okay? check out that little kid that is dancing, not sure if that will give you any ideas or not. not even sure if that is liquid, but he does some pretty cool looking stuff

anyone got a light?

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