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Posted:I heard about a party from a couple friends of mine next weekend (the 27th of Oct) at a warehouse 30mins outside Orlando, FL. I asked if I could come, and she gave me a web address of a message board(ILR) that had more info about this party. I left a message in the Florida board, and introduced myself, and stated that I was a fire twirler and asked if there (professionally of course), was any location that would be appropriate for me to light up there. (5000sq ft outside area, 6000sq ft a warehouse) Needless to say, the guy who set the whole thing up, responds to me, and tells me to bring my gear and he'll find a way to get me to spin. Now, I have two other of my local fire twirling friends going as well, and we're all on their official guest list! So we'll be performing for them all(all 2,000 people). It'll be my first "Gig" (even though we're not getting paid). Had to brag to someone.. :P And you guys are prolly the only ones who would understand. *so excited*Oh yeah! I ate fire for the first time last night! Twice! Was an experience to remember..CRD[This message has been edited by CrazyRaverDude (edited 22 October 2001).]


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Posted:Congrats CRD. I've said it before but you rock. Keeping with my philosophy of "not being impressed with anything that I can do" I give no props for the fire eating.
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But I'm sure your twirling was top notch.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


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