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If you are interesting in Fire Fans technique, movies and history, please be welcome on the first web site about fire fans:

Here you can find and discuss many interesting fans movies, as well as other content, including fans tutorials and articles.
You can discuss the questions that are interesting to you and post an advertisement of your fire shop on the forum.
The main idea of the web site is the blog system. Every user has his own blog and can post movies, photos and other stuff. All the blogs unite in one system with the possibility to look at and comment on any entries. So please just post all your movies in your blog after registration.
The Feature of is the possibility to talk with colleagues from the whole world, due to the fact that almost all the information is translated into two languages (Ru & En). Moreover there is a comments translate system so you may choose your language (Ru,Uk, En, It , Es, and others ) when you are reading comments.


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