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Posted:I have enjoyed how many moves and dance opportunities my Flowpoi Trios have opened up when switching to the torch/club grip I was wondering if Torch Poi is the next step and how well the skills transfer. Also how fire enters the equation along wicks in general counter balancing the solid part of the torch attached to chain.

If anyone has experience making the LED to Fire Torch Poi transfer I'd love to hear it along with Torch Poi spinners in general. I think I'm more comfortable with the torch Poi usage over swinging clubs but comparisons there would be good to know too, when I've tried to use my trios converted into swinging clubs it hasn't felt right and I think the flower caps and weighting/size of tube plays a huge role there.

My gut is saying torch Poi would be a fun adventure, but the brain desires more info in the transfer to the real thing to confirm exploring this route if at all possible. yes

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