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Id have to agree with Sean. My first set was regular monkey fists with welded link. I spun them for several years before they showed signs of deterioration. And i loved the weight. Plus...

I am very adament about having a spotter, or being a spotter if another is spinning. Its imperatave to have a code word, we use "HALT!" followed by where they are on fire (exa...

I dont like either personally. specially for hyperloops and orbitabls. Too chucky against themselves. The sound is horrible...I own ball chains, welded links, braided wire, string etc. ...

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14th August, 2007
Is There Some Kind of Award For These Guys?
"Superb! Excellent! quick and personable. These guys are on top of the game! SUPER fast shipping and if you have any questions they are there for you every step of the way. friendly responces that reminds you that not every buisness is automated. HOP= 1!!!"
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