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Posted: Hey guys.
I was noseying around for things that would make a performance/show look better and I remember seeing something on tv a while ago, so i decided to try and find it.
Im not sure what the official name for it is because everyone calls it something different, so I'm just gonna call it a fire box.
They are quite simple devices that can be controled manually or with the use of a DMX controller.
Oh, and definatly for outside use only, although Im pretty sure that there are smaller versions or they can be turned down.
Anyway, here are a couple of vids that I fount on the tube

One of the companys that produce these is
They also do coloured flame fuels for use in torches as well and I thought these might be good for fire performances.

Theres also a video with a guy that has opened the door on one to show the insides and the seem to be very simple to make (if you have the skills and tools). Its not the same as the ones produced by but it seems very similar.

So, what do you think? Would one of these or maybe a few enhance a show?

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Posted:The second video blew my mind.