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Arna-J DNA


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Posted:Hi there,

I am currently looking at purchasing my first set of Fire Fans and Body Burning Sticks. I am not too sure what I am looking for in terms of quality etc .. I have been trying to look for 2nd hand Fans but finding it hard to seek a pair out.

Does anyone know where I can get a 2nd hand pair from or is anyone selling some ??

What is the best type of Fans to get as well as body burning sticks or is it all do to personal preference?

Many thanks

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Posted:I wouldn't suggest buying second hand fire equipment as you never know how it's been taken care of.

There lots of threads talking about comparable fans. Things to look for are weight, span (180 degrees or less), folding, unfolding. Spiny ring or no ring etc.

Burning sticks - sold at lots of places... think about the size of wick you want especially if you'll be eating it.

HOP sells lots of things but if you're closer to other areas, there may be other sellers...


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