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Posted:My Partner bought be a contact ball and it has lived in a thick sock because I've been afraid of it getting damaged during transportation.

Recently I went in a quiz night and our winning basket included lots of weird things including one of these...

My contact ball fits perfectly and since it's all inflatey and bouncy, it's PERFECT. The only thing is that it's closed by velcro and I'm not yet convinced of the 100% performance of velcro.

What do YOU use for your balls?


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Posted:crown royal bottles come with a golden velvet bag that would be perfect for any ball protection. grin


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Posted:Originally Posted By: natasqi
What do YOU use for your balls?

Thick socks smile

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Posted:I use socks for my acrylics, but have plans to create a belt pouch for them.

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Posted:i use left over squares of material and hair ties but most of my friends use socks, one even holds them in tophats but he left them outside one day and when the the sun moved they bleached patches in his socks and melted a hole in a ball it was a pretty impresive hole



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Posted:I found a crystal ball for sale with a thick cushioned velvet pouch for 10 so bought it and threw the crystal ball away result = perfect smile

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.