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Posted:Has any one ever boought really cheasy cheap glow sticks and had them change colors. I bought a bunch at this dollar store place for 50. a peice and they were about 6 inches. an odd thing is i bought orange, and they were, for about an hour. after like an hour they turned green. about two ours later they turned yellow and then a in the morning they lost teir gow. how does that work!?

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Posted:hmmmm, i've bought color changing glowsticks before.. never @ .50 each tho..-sigh- why can't my dollar store sell glowsticks for .50?


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Posted:because its a dollar store.. ?



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Posted:hey 50. i wouldn't care if they changed colors anyways that's kind of cool......


Whiffle Squeek

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Posted:they do sell color changing glowsticks, i have some in my own personal stash as a matter of fact, pretty damn cool actually...

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Posted:hmmm... don't really know how they do change. But yeah that is really cheap for color changing glowsticks. I paid like $4 for two color changing sticks one time. I don't think they last as long as the ones that stay one color.

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Posted:Yeah. I found a website that sells color changing glowsticks!! And they are preety cheap!!It is called E-Party Now. Plus they have other cool stuff as well!!
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Posted:Hey, go to
and you can buy 25 of one color for like 20 bucks or so. They have all sorts of glowstix. -Fujisawa


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