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Posted:If anybody is interested, I have available thru my website, an alternative to the Photon Rav'n, which I call the Raven Bomber. It's a little bigger then the Photon, BUT it is the same technology. It uses a RGB LED, and it S-T-R-O-B-E-S. Plus the crystal is attached to the light itself, so no more flying crystals. OUCH!So like I said, if anyone is interested, please visit the page called CLUB and TECHNO toys. The contact info is there. P.L.U.R.------------------" Where ever u rave, there u are "Check out my kewl Rave-inspired website![url=[/url]
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Where ever u rave, there u are

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xtremravr...was here..

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Posted:i also have the photon rav'n in ribbon, if interested email me atxtremravr@aol.comi also have photon 2's red, blue, green , white...p.l.u.r.r.xtremravr

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